Create Your Homeschool is becoming an essential hub for homeschool families all over the world. You’ll find tried and true resources, a thriving community of like-minded moms, one-on-one support, and more at 


We provide high-quality homeschool printables, homeschool support resources for mom, an online community, and more so that homeschool moms feel supported & well-equipped to take on their children’s educational needs! 


We want to partner with talented, passionate educational resource Creatives to truly become a one-stop shop for homeschoolers all over the world. If that adds a little sparkle to your step, we’d love to partner with you!


This agreement outlines the terms & conditions of a shop Creative (that’s you!) These terms & conditions must be agreed to in order to upload and sell digital products at Create Your Homeschool. 


Upon acceptance of your vendor application , you are entering into a contractual agreement with Create Your Homeschool, LLC, to sell your digital products in the CYH Shop on the following terms:




Creatives who sell inside the CYH Shop are not employees of Create Your Homeschool, LLC or any of its entities. Creatives are considered contractors and are responsible for keeping records for tax filing purposes on their own. 


Create Your Homeschool, LLC does not send 1099 files, however we will send sales reports each year for your records. Payouts will be made via a third party merchant, and that merchant will supply your 1099 file.


Creatives will be required to complete a W9 (if residing in the USA) to proceed with participating as a vendor in CYH Shop. Each US-based Creative is required to submit a new W9 in January of each new year so that all information remains up-to-date. Creatives are responsible for notifying Create Your Homeschool if anything changes regarding their status, including an address change, so that a new W9 document can be submitted. 


Selling your products at CYH Shop is not an exclusive opportunity. Creatives are permitted to sell their products in other avenues, including but not limited to online marketplaces and their personal shop. However, all information including templates, tutorials, marketing education, SEO keywords, snippets, graphics, website & social media copy, etc. are proprietary to Create Your Homeschool, LLC entities. Creatives are responsible for non-disclosure of any information and should refrain from sharing any of these provided materials and resources outside of CYH Shop Team communication. 




For each product sold inside CYH Shop, that belongs to said Creative, that Creative will receive 60% of the net sale amount as a Basic Seller. Pro Seller accounts will receive 80% of their net sale. 


Net sale amounts are calculated AFTER any sales or member discounts, coupons, or affiliate commissions. 


Sales reports can be calculated monthly and available for Creatives to view & download upon request. Payouts will be issued within the first 21 days of a new calendar month, only on purchases made the previous month. 




Creatives will create their own digital products to sell inside CYH Shop. At no time should any Creative submit a product that is not their own, regardless of if they have permission from the original creator. 


Product pricing should be determined in a way that is competitive with the homeschool resources market. 


Please allow 72 hours for new or updated products to be approved and added to the shop. 


Creatives are responsible for submitting product updates on all active products as soon as possible. An updated product file, as well as a blurb about all of the changes that have been made, will be required in order to update the listing in CYH Shop. The new file will also be emailed to all existing customers who have purchased that product. 




At this time, CYH Shop Creatives may submit & sell any digital, printable resource for homeschooling families. 


The following Products are NOT permitted to submit & sell by CYH Shop Creatives: 


  • Online Courses
  • Membership Sites
  • Physical Products
  • Services
  • Affiliate Promotions
  • Homeschool Bundles


“Homeschool Bundles” do not include bundles or sets of YOUR products that are grouped together. You are permitted to create a bundle of your own products (that does not include products from any other source) at any time.


Create Your Homeschool, LLC reserves the right to decline any product that does not uphold the values & support the mission of the Create Your Homeschool brand.


Creatives must submit original products to sell. Creatives may use licensed content inside of their original product in accordance with their own licensing agreement with the third-party. Create Your Homeschool, LLC is not responsible for copyright violations. Such violations will result in immediate termination of this agreement, with any and all legal fees billed to the Creative. 


Create Your Homeschool, LLC reserves the right to dissolve any and all future commissions obtained via the Creative’s products, should a violation in copyright be found. Those commissions, and any future commissions, will be forfeited by said Creative. 




Create Your Homeschool, LLC reserves the right to set up a storewide sale at any time. Our storewide sales are non-coupon sales and must be applied to the entire store. 


Creatives can request a coupon, for their products only, to share with their audience at any time. Coupons can range from 5% – 50% off.


Creatives may promote their products inside CYH Shop via their own social media, blogs, & email lists. Creatives are encouraged to contribute a guest blog post highlighting a product inside CYH Shop as often as they would like.




By submitting your Vendor Application, you are agreeing to comply with the Terms of Use set forth that all products sold inside CYH Shop are for personal use only and cannot be resold or given away for any reason, at any time. 

We take copyright infringement and violation of terms of use very seriously. We understand the importance of intellectual property protection and are committed to maintaining a fair and ethical marketplace for our vendors and customers.

If a vendor suspects that a curriculum reseller has violated their terms of use or copyright, they should follow these reporting policy and procedures:

  1. Gather Evidence: The vendor should gather all the evidence of infringement or violation that they have. This can include screenshots of the infringing material, URLs or links where the material is being offered for sale, and any communication or correspondence with the reseller.
  2. Contact the Reseller: The vendor should attempt to contact the reseller directly to request that they remove the infringing material from their website or shop. The vendor can provide the reseller with a copy of their terms of use or copyright policy, and request that they comply with these policies.
  3. Contact Create Your Homeschool: If the reseller does not respond or refuses to comply with the vendor’s requests, the vendor should contact the Create Your Homeschool to report the infringement. The vendor should provide the marketplace with all the evidence of infringement or violation that they have.
  4. Create Your Homeschool Investigation: Create Your Homeschool will investigate the report of infringement or violation and take appropriate action. This may include contacting the reseller to request that they remove the infringing material, simply removing the product in question, or removing the reseller from the marketplace all together if they continue to violate policies or copyright.

We encourage all Shop Owners to review their terms of use and copyright policies regularly to ensure that they are up to date and enforceable.




Creatives reserve the right to remove a product from CYH Shop at any time, with written notice. However, said product will be marked inactive, not deleted. All products submitted & sold will be archived for customers who have previously purchased the product to access even if the product is no longer active in CYH Shop. The product will no longer be listed publicly or available to purchase once it has been changed to inactive. 




Creatives reserve the right to close their vendor account with CYH Shop at any time with formal written notice. Your products will be made inactive within 72 hours of receiving your notice to close and you will no longer be eligible for commissions or to submit any new product. 


Creatives will receive any final payouts during regularly scheduled payouts. 




Create Your Homeschool, LLC reserves the right to terminate any Creative and close any account at any time, without notice. Reasons for termination include, but are not limited to:


  • Creatives ceasing communication
  • Creatives being disrespectful to other vendors or CYH Team members
  • Creatives infringing upon copyright 
  • Creatives violating this agreement
  • Creatives harassing customers, vendors, or other CYH Team members
  • Creatives involved in public hate-speech


A Creative forfeits any and all unpaid commissions by violating this agreement or forcing Create Your Homeschool, LLC to close their account.




By submitting a product to the CYH Shop, said Creative agrees that the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement, as well as the content outlined herein and within CYH Shop communication are strictly confidential.