5 Unique random acts of kindness ideas for teens

random acts of kindness ideas for teens

5 Unique random acts of kindness ideas for teens was written by Jen Dodrill from History At Home, a guest contributor to the Homeschool Bundle + the Create Your Homeschool Blog! Enjoy!

We’ve all heard of volunteering at the homeless shelter or donating to the food pantry, and while those are wonderful ways to give back, I’ve come up with five unique random acts of kindness ideas for teens! Because, here’s my theory – almost everyone loves to show kindness! And teenagers do too, even if they grumble a bit. Get them started, or better yet, let them choose the way they will do it! I think you’ll see an engaged teen showing kindness in his or her way this season.

5 Unique random acts of kindness ideas for teens was written by Jen Dodrill from History At Home, a guest contributor to the blog! Enjoy!

To help you and your teen out, here are five unique random acts of kindness ideas for teens:

Volunteer to wrap presents for an elderly friend, neighbor, or grandparent

Wrapping is tough for older hands. Plus, a teen spending time with an elderly person and wrapping their gifts is a win-win!

Jingle or Elf a neighbor

At Halloween, it’s popular to “BOO” people by leaving a bag of seasonal goodies with a note. Let your teen head to the dollar store and also bake some goodies so that they can “JINGLE” or “ELF” a neighbor!

Stuffed animal drive

Another way teens can get involved in giving back to their community is to collect new stuffed animals to drop off at the police or fire station. These are used when first responders have young kids to deal with and can provide a lot of comfort to the children.

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Blessing bags for the homeless

Ask your teen to get some friends together to gather items for bags for the homeless or to take to shelters. You can include small packages of tissues, toothpaste, and a toothbrush. Also consider travel-size shampoo, soap, razors, deodorant, socks, hairbrush/combs, ponytail holders, paper and pen, small blankets, washcloths, and hand towels. Teens can raise money to buy the items, or they can do a neighborhood drive for them. Using neighborhood Facebook groups or the NextDoor app, they can let neighbors know what they’re doing and what they need.

Make blankets

Teens can make no-sew fleece blankets and give them to local shelters. This might take a little more time, but they’re fun and relatively easy to make!

Show your teens these ideas and encourage them to brainstorm some of their own! Then, let them go to work spreading kindness and holiday cheer!

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