Learn How To Use Trello for Homeschool Planning

& set up your first homeschool board in just one afternoon!

Are you one of the many homeschool mamas who struggle with staying organized and keeping everything on track in your homeschool?

Juggling lesson plans, activities, resources, and due dates without a solid organization system in place will leave you feeling drained. 😩

There’s a better way to manage your homeschool, and I’m here to guide you through it! 😉🥳

Introducing the
Trello for Homeschool Planning Mini-Course!

How to use trello for homeschool planning training
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Get instant access to the full mini-course for life! 🎉 

Plus access to bonus  Trello board templates  to help you get started organizing your homeschool quick & easy 💪🏽

Grab the Trello for Homeschool Mini-Course for just $47 right now  

How to use trello for homeschool planning training

Learn how to streamline your homeschool planning 👏🏽

& the  benefits  of using Trello to manage your homeschool:

Here’s what’s inside the Trello for Homeschool Planning mini-course:

  • Straight-to-the-point video lessons
  • A printable guide (for those who like to read 😉)
  • Step-by-step instructions for creating your first board
  • The ultimate homeschool Trello board template
  • 4 Bonus templates to help you manage your home
  • Direct access to Shela for one-on-one support if needed

Imagine this:  By the end of one afternoon , you’ll have a homeschool management system tailored specifically for your family’s needs!

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I’ve been in the thick of homeschooling for more than six years and trust me when I tell you, having a   homeschool management system  that is easy to keep up with is key!

Let me teach you how to  organize your homeschool quick & easy  with the Trello for Homeschool Planning Mini-Course!

My mission is to to lock arms with other homeschool mamas and serve them in a way that empowers them to make changes, create their own path, and homeschool in a way that brings them joy. I am so happy you are here! 🥰 

From completely overwhelmed & going through the motions
(yep, that’s you!)

Here’s what you’ll learn inside the Trello for Homeschool Planning Mini-Course:

Together, we’ll take a close look at the Trello dashboard. I’ll show you the ins & outs of Trello and why it’s the perfect platform for managing your homeschool!

Imagine Trello as a big village, and each board is like a tiny house in the village. Each board (house) has its own rules, processes, and expectations. Inside the Trello for Homeschool Planning Mini-Course, I’m going to show you how a Trello board system can be extremely beneficial to your homeschool!

Together, we’re going to walk step-by-step through creating your very own Trello board from scratch! In just three simple steps, you’ll open a world of incredible functions to help you plan and manage your homeschool with ease!

And don’t worry, if you’re looking for the done-for-you stuff — I’ve got plenty of templates included in the Trello for Homeschool Planning Mini-Course, just for you! 😉

Yep! 🥳 There’s an entire lesson dedicated to showing you how to navigate my comprehensive homeschool planning board. You’ll be able to add the template directly to your Trello account so that you can completely customize it to your homeschool!

Me too 😅 Or at least that’s what I tell myself every January 🤭

Don’t dismiss this awesome online homeschool management system just yet! You can continue using your paper planner for actual planning if that’s what brings you joy, while leveraging the strategy you’ll learn inside the Trello for Homeschool Planning Mini-Course to streamline workflows and access on-the-go plans, making your life easier.

Boy is it ever! 🎉 Everything you create while planning your week or homeschool can be easily accessed and edited from any device with the Trello app. So convenient!

If Trello still feels a bit overwhelming or if you’re not too confident in your tech skills, no worries – Honestly, Trello is simpler than you might think.

But if you’re looking for a way to ease into it, don’t forget to grab the bonus templates I’ve created for you inside the Trello for Homeschool Planning Mini-Course! Pop them into your Trello, play around, edit them – make them yours.

  • Done-For-You Lesson Plan Template
  • Done-For-You Unit Study Planning Template
  • Done-For-You Year-At-A-Glance Template
  • Done-For-You Home Cleaning Schedule Template
How to use trello for homeschool planning training

The Trello for Homeschool Planning Mini-Course is for you if you are…

    • Ready to organize your homeschool
    • Looking to streamline your planning process
    • New to Trello (or not new & just want to find out how to use it for your homeschool)
    • Wanting to save time and reduce homeschool management stress
How to use trello for homeschool planning training

Questions you might be asking…

If you can type and click and drag, you can use Trello. However, if technology really stresses you out, stick to your current system. There’s no reason to feel overwhelmed because there’s something new and shiny on the block! Trust your gut instinct. Join us inside the Trello for Homeschool Planning Mini-Course if it gets you excited to think about, or politely decline if it doesn’t ♥️

If you’re just watching the videos and not implementing anything I’m teaching you, about 20 minutes. Not to mention, you’ll be exactly where you are right now — feeling frustrated and unorganized in your homeschool 😬

BUT — If you take the time to implement the strategy, utilize the templates, and start actually organizing your homeschool, I predict you’ll have everything set up and you’ll be feeling good about your homeschool in about two hours.

Don’t hold me to that, everyone learns at their own pace – so make sure you complete the Trello for Homeschool Planning Mini-Course in a time that makes the most sense for you. 

NO! 🎉 The templates I am providing to you inside the Trello for Homeschool Planning Mini-Course, as well as the features I am teaching you how to use, are included in the free version of Trello. Click here to create your Trello account now!

YEP! The course platform actually has an app for your phone! It makes it super easy to navigate the course from anywhere! However, actually setting up your board might be easier on a desktop or laptop computer. You can certainly use the Trello app, but the bigger screen might be easier to navigate setting it up.

Then you can message me directly or email me at any time while you’re completing the Trello for Homeschool Planning Mini-Course,! I am happy to help! 🥰

Awesome! Would love to chat with you more about the Trello for Homeschool Planning Mini-Course! Please email me: hello@createyourhomeschool.com