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You’re ready to start an email list but have no clue how to get your audience to hand over their email? Well… You’ve come to the right place!

When you decide to start an email list (which, by the way, should be a part of your startup blogging plan, not an afterthought), the two biggest questions you are probably going to ask yourself is, how do I get their email? and what the heck do I send them? Today, we’re going to tackle the first question!

Let’s get going!

You have to provide something with ridiculously high value in order to convert your audience into raving fans! Here are the top five freebies that will make you stand out in the world of overused, generic freebies!

Okay, you’ve made the decision to start an email list, you’ve chosen your email marketing provider (I like MailerLite), integrated the service on your website, created a form, and are now ready for the emails to start rolling in! Only… they’re not.

You have two things going against you in this day and age. The first, people have an expectation that, in order to give away something of theirs, they need or want something in return. This is where an awesome freebie would come in handy to grow your list.

The second thing you have going against you is, people are no longer satisfied with a free printable calendar, coloring page, or worksheet. There’s SO many of those floating around that you’ll be lost at sea if you try to promote it.

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I daresay, should someone happen upon your site and see something to that effect being promoted as “free” they’ll just roll their eyes, keep reading what they came there to read, and leave without thinking twice about signing up for your email list.

You have to provide something with ridiculously high value in order to convert your audience into raving fans!

Here are the top five freebies that will make you stand out in the world of overused, generic freebies!

  1. A masterclass
    This is a very specific class that you will teach as an expert on a specific subject. The most important piece to the masterclass puzzle is, you have to clearly define what they’ll learn, and what immediate result they will walk away with after the class is over, and then DELIVER what you’ve promised. That’s the piece that will set your masterclass apart and have your audience entering their emails so quickly you won’t even understand what’s happening.

  2. A crazy coupon
    This can’t be a coupon for free shipping or 10% off, it’s got to be good! I mean, you’ll have access to their direct email inbox for a good while, it’s going to be worth it in the long run! So brainstorm what you can do, without losing money on your products or services. Typically, a 25% or 30% discount is a great place to start. You could also do a free chat (like a consultation, but do not use the word consultation… people hate that word!) – If you choose this option, make sure you list the amount of information you’ll provide and in what amount of time, as well as list the value of what that call would cost without an email address.

  3. A resource library
    Check out my resource library here!
    This is an incredible way to convert an audience! A resource library is basically an area that you only give access to those who are on your email list! It’s FULL of things like workbooks, cheat sheets, training materials, printables, etc. So much value packed into one completely awesome freebie!

  4. An exclusive video
    This could be a one-time or multi-part series that you email to your list! Choose a topic that you can really dive into, that leaves your audience wanting more from you! Include at least one actionable step they can take to improve whatever the topic of your video is in their own life, but make sure they know that they need you (and need to stay on your list) to continue learning and growing!

  5. A challenge + workbook
    A free challenge is so much fun! It offers direction, accountability, and support, all of which are so appealing to any person who’s struggling in your particular niche. The key to making your challenge stand out is not only making sure you’ve provided a solid explanation of what your participants will accomplish by taking your challenge, but also including a workbook! Workbooks add so much value to the challenge itself because people know that you’ve taken the time to make sure they “get it”, therefore, already proving that your challenge isn’t just another basic waste of time!

So there you have it! Five, super high value, not too difficult to pull off, absolutely non-generic types of freebies to make you stand out as you start an email list for your website!

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[…] | Related: The top five freebies that will convert on any blog […]