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The top 5 homeschool apps we use every single day

If you’re worried about screen-time, this is not the post for you… I’m sharing the top five homeschool apps we use every. single. day.

Listen, before we dive in, I need you to know that screen-time is something I take notice of too. I can absolutely tell when my kids have had too much screen-time or when it’s okay to give them a little more. I’ll probably never discuss a “best practices of screen-time” subject here on the blog because I truly believe that varies for each family and each kid. And only you know what works for your household.

With that being said, I allow the kids to download more educational games and apps than random, ridiculous ones. And sometimes, we count what we’re doing on those apps as school. Because, even though it’s on a screen, it’s still learning!

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So, I made a list of apps for kids, and for us mamas, you can find that here. But I thought I would share the top five with you here on the blog today!

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1. Teach Your Monster to Read

This app is the cutest app. You literally teach the monster on the game how to read, but through that process your little one is learning sounds and blends and it’s so awesome to watch them play and learn through it!

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2. Audible

Especially these days, #rona, we randomly take drives around the city just for the fun of it. I love Audible for myself, because who has time to read a physical book anymore, but it’s also really handy for read-alouds in the car! We are loving the book, “The Last Kids on Earth!”

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3. iXL

This is an educational app that has a free plan, but we actually pay for the two subject plan – Math and Language Arts. It’s a great app to reinforce learning in those areas! I use it for both our sixth-grader and kindergartner.

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4. GoodNotes

I don’t know what I would do without this app. It’s come in handy so many times! Not only for taking notes, but we can also upload digital workbooks and textbooks to it to make notes on and answer questions. I also use this digital homeschool planner to manage our homeschool through it! Love, love, love this app!

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5. Trello

You guys know how much I love Trello – I use it to manage, literally, everything! This blog, chores, homeschool, social media… everything I can or want to manage is on Trello. I’ve got this free template you can use to see if you like managing your life there as well!

There you go! Our top five favorite homeschool apps!

I’d love to hear what your favorite apps are and which app you’re going to try next!

Oh! And before you go, if you’d like to grab the ENTIRE list of apps for kids and mamas that I created, you can click here (or click the photo).

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Have fun learning with screen-time! 🙂

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