Things to do in the morning to have a better day

how to have a better day

There’s nothing worse than the alarm going off when we’re not ready. We wake up already overwhelmed with the day ahead, and once we’re in that mood, it can be difficult to shake and can influence the rest of the day.

Whether you had a good night’s sleep (or not), I want to share a few simple things to do in the morning to have a better day. Things to do before we even get out of bed.

Here’s the simple three-step process of Centre, Gratitude, Set.

Three simple things to do in the morning to have a better day! Plus a free walk-through morning meditation session! Click through now :)

It’s best to do it within a few minutes of waking. It goes like this:


This is a quick process to get into your body through breathing or meditation.

You can do mindful breathing, a quick Mindfulness meditation, or some easy breathwork like box breath.

As you centre yourself, allow the mind to get quiet, the heart to open, and notice the rhythm of breath and life flow through your body. This integrates all parts of you before the mind takes over and decides to run the show.

*Note: if this is ALL you do and you don’t move on to the next step, you will still have the best day ahead of you. Everyone benefits from this practice.


Gratitude has loads of research on how it rewires our brain for happiness and optimism, and it takes less than a minute to do.

Instead of reciting the same old general things, such as, “I’m grateful for my family, my health, my house…” or whatever you typically say, researchers suggest scanning the last 24 hours for positive moments in your day.

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Then take a moment to relive them again as though they are happening right now while feeling a sense of gratitude for that moment.

This approach not only gives you a double dose of feel-good hormones because you got to feel them a second time, but it’s also one of the most impactful things to do in the morning to have a better day.

It also wires your brain to scan and look for positive moments in your day so that you notice more positive moments in real-time. Ultimately increasing your happiness.

It’s a powerful way to start your day with happiness and a positive mindset.


Lastly, set your intention for the day through your subconscious mind.

The subconscious is most easily accessed first thing in the morning, so one of the best things to do in the morning to have a better day is to set your intention.

The subconscious is our greatest processing powerhouse and scientists say its power is perhaps a million times stronger than the conscious mind so it’s totally worth doing.

Start by asking yourself these questions:

How do you want to show up?

Who do you want to be?

What is the impact you want to make today?

Once you’ve answered these questions, imagine you could see this version of yourself on a screen in front of you. Observe how you move, how you interact with others and how they interact with you, notice the look on your face, and how others respond to you. Notice how it feels to be here like this.

Take a few moments to savour this vision of you as your highest self today.

Then, when you’re ready, open your eyes and notice how good you feel before your feet even hit the floor. You will feel aglow with inspiration and optimism for the day ahead!

If you’d like to be led through these 3 steps in under 7 minutes, Click here to get my free meditation to guide you through the process.

Even if you don’t do these three things to do in the morning to have a better day, it’s a great tool for days you know you need to be “on” or you have a big day ahead of you, or just because you feel like making your morning a little bit brighter!

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