how to teach kids to be grateful

3 Simple ways to teach gratitude to kids all year

3 Simple Ways to Teach Gratitude to Kids All Year Long was written by Keyana Martinez at The StoryTime Box, a guest contributor to the Homeschool Bundle + the Create Your Homeschool Blog! Enjoy!

Here’s a quick list of ways to teach gratitude to kids all year long!

“What are you thankful for?”

This is a common question for kids to explore during the Thanksgiving season. They may write a list, make a wreath, or share heart-warming stories about the things and people they love as a way to share what they are thankful for.

While this is a great holiday tradition, it’s also important to encourage gratitude in a more general, everyday sense. Here are three simple ways that you can teach your kids about gratitude all year long- without the turkey and stuffing!

3 Simple ways to teach gratitude to kids all year long is a guest post from Keyana at TheStoryTimeBox.com - Click through to read!
  1. Give thank-you notes/cards for any occasion.
    Let’s face it. Sometimes, it’s easy to take the “little things” for granted. We may not thank our mail carrier or local grocery clerk as much as we should.
    Help your child make blank thank-you cards (or pick up some fancy ones from the store) and discuss who you could give them to.
    It could be a friend who shared their bike the other day or a granny who gives the best warm hugs! This helps children to be mindful about small acts of kindness that deserve a little “thank you.”
  1. Make fun crafts about gratitude.
    Don’t just save that “thankful tree” craft for Thanksgiving! Incorporate the idea of being grateful into other arts and crafts projects throughout the year.
    Make a picture collage, a mosaic gratitude jar, or a scrapbooking project. Encourage your child to add photos and notes, whenever they are feeling thankful.
  1. Read books about giving thanks.
    Literacy is a fantastic way to teach social-emotional skills (the understanding and expression of emotions). Reading stories about gratitude can promote open discussions and real-life application.
    Kids can relate to the feelings and actions of the characters in order to gain an understanding of what gratitude can look and feel like. 

While most books about giving thanks may focus on Thanksgiving Day, you can also find non-seasonal titles to share with your child at any time.

Here are a few to get you started:

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Create Your Homeschool -Create Your Homeschool -

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