A stress-free Christmas: Tapping Script

stress-free christmas tapping scripts for moms

A Stress-Free Christmas: Tapping Script was written by Tamara Donn. Tamara helps stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted mums regain their calm, enjoy their kids, and get more done! She’s a featured guest contributor to the Homeschool Bundle + the Create Your Homeschool Blog! Enjoy!

The festive season is a time for coming together and celebrating. For many in today’s commercial world, it’s a time of stress, anxiety, exhaustion, and overwhelm. If you can relate, read on!

Looking for a way to have a stress-free Christmas? Check out this tapping script by Tamara Donn, a leader in all things EFT!

Here are some of the top reasons why mums find the festive season stressful:

  1. Money
  2. No time for yourself
  3. Preparing festive food
  4. Present buying 
  5. Putting on weight
  6. Spending time with family (although this might not be possible this year which could add more stress, isolation or loneliness or be a relief!
  7. And this year we have the added covid stress on top of everything else!

Here is a little exercise for you to help pave your way to a stress-free Christmas: 

Rate the level of stress in relation to each of the above reasons on a scale from zero to ten. Zero means no stress, ten most stress. There may be other reasons you can add to the list that relate more to your own situation.

When stress levels are high it is harder to be present with your children and create a calm and relaxed space for your festivities. In this article I am going to introduce a powerful technique that is easy to learn and apply to release stress so that you can regain your calm, get things done more efficiently and enjoy your family during this festive season.

This technique is called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or Tapping. It is based on the acupuncture system and involves tapping on acupoints while focusing on the stress. In studies, it has been shown to reduce cortisol (stress hormone) levels!

Click here to check out the research that has been done so far.

I work with a lot of stressed and overwhelmed mums, I know that you are probably thinking that you don’t have time for anything extra, as you are already doing too much.

However, most mums find that even taking 5 minutes for themselves to tap can make a difference. In fact, I challenged a few hundred mums to tap every day for 30 days and the results were astounding. They reported some unexpected side effects including:

  • Not needing a glass of wine or bar of chocolate at the end of the day
  • Not spending money on themselves to make them feel better because they felt so good
  • Husbands asking them what they have been doing because they seem so happy
  • Aches and pains disappearing
  • Feeling happy to get up in the morning again

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So as an experiment, I invite you to set aside just 5 minutes from the 1440 minutes available to you today to have a go at a Tapping Script!

There is a Christmas Tapping Script available to print and save in the December Homeschool Bundle. It’s a great place to start to help you pave your way to a stress-free Christmas and simple to follow along (I know you might be thinking this feels silly but what have you got to lose?)

If you want to watch a video, I suggest downloading my free stress-relief video available here.

After completing the Christmas Tapping Script, look at the top reasons for stress and rate them again. It is possible that some will have gone down.

Repeating this as often as possible or as often as you have time for, will help you to regain your calm and rebalance. After tapping, mums often feel lighter, calmer, more energized, sometimes more tired, tingly, a sense of peace, more clarity. If you didn’t feel any of this, please do check out my troubleshooting page, here.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful festive season filled with calm and ease!

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