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This resource area is carefully curated to help you not only get started homeschooling, but create a homeschool you love!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Homeschooling

The Best First-Year Homeschooling Resources

Homeschool Lesson Plans, Planners, Guides, and More


how to start homeschooling today

A Robust Guide

Get started homeschooling the right way!

how to start homeschooling today

Setting Goals

Set homeschool goals & track your progress!

how to start homeschooling today

Learning Space 

Set up a homeschool learning space you’ll love!

Is homeschooling legal?

Homeschooling is legal in all 50 states. Each state has individual homeschool laws and regulations, with only five states having strict homeschool laws. To learn more about how to start homeschooling in your state, click here.

The biggest expense in homeschooling is, arguably, the grocery bill 😉 Many homeschool families use free resources to teach everything their kids need to know, while some families choose to purchase planned-for-you curriculum. The main difference is how much time you have to organize and plan.

If you want open-and-go, planned for you experiences for your homeschool, you can expect to spend $300 on average per child for curriculum. This does not include additional supplies, extra curricular activities, etc.

However, do not get discouraged. There are many ways to provide an excellent homeschool experience for your family without breaking the bank!

Click here to learn more about making homeschool more affordable!

Socialization is a hot-topic among people who have not experienced homeschooling first-hand. The reality is, homeschooled students are often more outgoing and confident than traditionally schooled students.

Contrary to traditionally schooled students, homeschool families seek adventure in learning. Homeschoolers spend less time at a desk and more time interacting with the world around them.

Check out these field trip ideas!


Homeschooled Students
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Higher Standardized Testing
Scores From Homeschool Students


Percentile Test Scores for Homeschool
50th Percentile in Public School Students


College Graduation Rate
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Of Parents Choose To Homeschool
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Homeschoolers In College
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first year homeschooling how to start homeschooling today

Don’t start your homeschool journey without these resources!

Are you a homeschool mama? If so, this ebook is for you. In the midst of all the planning, grading, teaching, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. It’s easy to forget about taking care of ourselves WHILE taking care of our children. This ebook was created for homeschool mamas who know that deep down they want to be happy AND provide a meaningful education for their children.
Create a life you’ll love with these productivity printables for homeschool moms!
What if you could create a homeschool where your children love to learn and pursue it by choice? This guide is the perfect introduction to delight-led learning with easy-to-implement ideas that can be combined with any homeschool approach.
Set your child up to succeed, and create a homeschool you love with over 42 pages of goal setting resources, evaluations, student interviews, and homeschool guidance. Save 25% by bundling these four popular products!
As homeschoolers, we are often tempted to fit into a box of what learning and results are supposed to look like. But what if we went off-script and embraced the simple joys of childhood wonder? There Is No Box takes a look at the heart of what education is supposed to be and expounds on the conclusion that, when it comes to learning, there is no box.
This Homeschool Goals Printable Pack is a must-have tool for any homeschool parent looking to set and track their child’s academic and personal goals! We’ve designed this resource to provide a clear and organized framework for setting goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART).
100 Smart Steps to Homeschool Success — This resource is an editable Google Sheets file that you can use to track all the things you can do to make your homeschool a success!
Streamline your organization with the All-In-One Planner and Record Keeping resource that is perfect for non-traditional homeschoolers.
Create Your Homeschool -

Lesson Plans, Printable Room Decor Sets, Homeschool Planners, and more!

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