you got adventurous homeschooler

You need to create a simple, yet thorough, homeschool management system so that you can start focusing on what matters most… Your kids.

Your new homeschool motto:

“Each and every day is an opportunity to learn something new.”

the simple truth is

create a simple, yet thorough, homeschool management system so you can spend less time organizing and more time leading.

Luckily, I’ve got everything you need right here!

homeschool ideas, homeschool support, homeschool tutorials
as an adventurous homeschooler

Known for setting great homeschool goals, staying organized, and allowing your homeschool to ebb and flow. You’re driven by creating a strong family bond and highly value individualized learning for each of your children. You are focused on staying motivated so that you can keep your homeschool running smoothly, however you’re struggling with feeling complacent along the way. 

But, let’s discuss your strengths:

You know… The things you already have
tucked inside your personality
that can help you tap into the
homeschool mama you crave to be!

initiative to create a thriving learning environment 

high family values of individualized learning for each child

great organization + goal setting skills for your homeschool

homeschool ideas, homeschool support, homeschool tutorials

Cracking your personal homeschool mama code is a lot like reprogramming a computer — we’re going to rewrite the script that’s been running your homeschool. 

the dominant stories currently stopping you from creating the homeschool you want so badly are:

I’m just over this homeschool year, maybe we should stop now and start again after a big break.

If I can just spend some time organizing our materials, we can finally have a homeschool space we love to learn in. 

I hope the kids don’t realize how much we’re NOT getting done.

This belief trio works together to stop you from moving forward in your homeschool and keeps you from making the dreams you have for your family a reality.

Now that your quiz results have unraveled these three sneaky subconscious beliefs, you can create a new reality for your homeschool!

You’re in the right place, mama

I’m going to show you how to create an amazing homeschool management system so you can relieve some of the pressure of keeping up with the back-end of homeschooling and start focusing on your kids in no time – Head to your inbox for more details and a few goodies!

Wondering who the mama behind Create Your Homeschool + this homeschool personality quiz is?

meet Shela

Second-generation homeschool mama of three, an eight on the Enneagram, + a lover of Jesus, writing, and helping other mamas step into their calling with confidence and creativity. 

In her 13 years as a mama, she’s gone from 100% trusting the public school system with her kids, to being all-in with the calling she’s been given to take her children’s education into her own hands. 

Along the way, she’s met some amazing mamas who’ve been where she’s been, are currently walking through those steps, and even mamas who are just starting to feel the tug to homeschool. 

Having walked this path, Shela is passionate about helping each of those mamas succeed with homeschooling + that’s why Create Your Homeschool was born.