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Create Your Homeschool is a thriving homeschool community for mamas who want to create a homeschool they love. We create products and resources, host mini workshops, and provide valuable content to help our community move their homeschool forward. 

Most recently, Create Your Homeschool has developed a community of mamas who are eager to shop the best deals, exclusive coupon codes, and giveaways for their homeschool. That’s where our promo memberships come in! We want to connect our community of homeschool mamas with the best of the best homeschool products and services by creating an experience like none other. 

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homeschool deals freebies giveaways
homeschool deals freebies giveaways

here’s what you’ll get from the membership.

Keeping small businesses in mind, we’ve created an affordable membership that will help you get in front of your ideal audience without breaking the bank.

Our promo membership includes:

  • FOUR business spotlight posts in the Facebook Group per month
  • Your current deal will be included in the monthly deals blog post
  • The weekly deals email blast will highlight your exclusive deal 
  • Your business information + link will remain on the exclusive deals page on our website AND in a prominent location inside the Facebook Group
homeschool deals freebies giveaways


We want to provide the best of the best deals for our community and make sure they are being served well. To do that, we require a few things from you as a member!

We would like to provide our community with NEW shopping opportunities each month. This means a little extra work up front, but the chance for RECURRING CUSTOMERS in your business! 

New deals, coupon codes, sales, etc. will need to be sent in by the deadline in order to be included for the month. 

This means, as a member, it is your responsibility to get your information in by the deadline or you will forfeit your opportunity to be included in the month’s promotions.

As long as you’re an active member, you will be charged the monthly fee – regardless of your participating in the monthly promotional events. 

Please note, each member will go through an extensive vetting process to make sure we are providing the best of the best opportunities for our community. If your membership is cancelled or you become an inactive member (three consecutive months of not providing new deals), you will be required to go through the approval process again with no guarantee of approval. 

What we need from you each month:

  • New URL link to the sales page or product you’d like to promote with our community that month
  • A short blurb about the deal you’re providing and how to take advantage of it
  • Any coupon codes or details our community needs to know about the deal
homeschool deals freebies giveaways


In order to serve YOU well, we’ve provided additional member-only opportunities.

You will have the opportunity each month to sign up for available add-ons to promote your business within the community. We understand that some months are bigger months for your business and others, you might want to launch something new or promote something more heavily. With that in mind, we’ve opened limited spots for additional promotional opportunities for a small fee in addition to the membership cost:

  • Creative ads displayed in the announcement section of the Facebook Group, the cover photo, and on the blog
  • Sponsored Posts within the Facebook Group or as a blog post
  • Video ads or walk-throughs of products and services you’re highlighting that month
  • Admin review videos or blog posts (you’ll send in the product, we will review it for the community)
  • Single email promo blasts exclusively sharing your deal



Please note, all prices listed are subject to change – however, your monthly membership price will never change unless you’ve become inactive and are re-applying AFTER an overall membership price increase. 

Monthly Membership Fee: $25
This fee is recurring and will be automatically drafted from the card you choose to pay with. Cancellation requests will be honored immediately, but must be made prior to the promo deadline. For example, if you’re sending your cancellation request in June, prior to the deadline for July deals, your membership will be cancelled immediately without being charged for July. However, if your cancellation request comes in after the deadline for the July deals, you will be charged the membership fee for July and your business will be removed from the promotional events for August. [It goes without saying that the example of June, July, and August dates are hypothetical – this process will be the same regardless of what month you send in a cancellation request.]

Add-On Opportunities: Prices will vary
Any add-on opportunities will be sent via email invoice to be paid immediately. Any open invoices that are unpaid by the add-on deadline will be voided and the opportunity will move on to the next available business. Three consecutive unpaid invoices will result in possible membership termination. 

homeschool deals freebies giveaways
homeschool deals freebies giveaways
homeschool deals freebies giveaways


We want to provide the best of the best each month – Therefore, we will limit membership spaces, as well as limit similar business deals, to do so. 

Membership spaces and add-on opportunities are available on a first come, first serve basis. You will only be guaranteed a promotional opportunity if you are an active member. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us:


If you’re having trouble viewing the form, please click here to be taken to the Google Forms webpage to complete. Thank you!