Write and Read Alphabet

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Start your child strong with early reading and writing skills!  The Write and Read Alphabet pages were created especially for pre-readers, linking letter and sound identification with early writing skills and reading concepts in a simple and inviting activity.  These friendly pages are the perfect way to introduce your child to the alphabet.


Write and Read Alphabet


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Work smarter, not harder, as you help your child build foundational language skills that will set the stage for their entire educational career.

Young learners are generally excited to read and feel the desire to jump right into books, but can sometimes become discouraged with the foundational process of learning alphabet basics.  Write and Read Alphabet capitalizes on that excitement while still meeting the students at an appropriate level. 

The pages in this resource create bridges in little minds between letter identification, letter sounds, and the process of reading.  Each page contains a letter to identify in upper and lower cases, a picture coordinating with the beginning sound of that letter, letter formation practice, and a simple pre-reading exercise with picture prompts.

The Write and Read Alphabet contains 26 pages – one for each letter of the alphabet – along with an example page that directs you on how to use them with your child.

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Each direction on the page (“Read the letter Aa” and “Write the letter Aa”) includes a picture prompt for pre-readers that shows what they should do.  After introducing the pages to your child and walking them through one or two, they should be able to gravitate towards using the pages independently with the picture prompt instructions. 


  • Students see the letter in a large context – name identification, sound, writing, and reading – bridging all of those abstract concepts together.
  • The simple design of the pages leaves it open to a variety of uses (see the example sheet for ideas!).
  • Students practice reading patterns like left-to-right progression, and have exposure to sentence structure, punctuation, and more.
  • Reading sentences contain picture prompts with the word written below, demonstrating the symbolic nature of words. 

PAIR THIS PRODUCT with the Alphabet Cards Play and Learn Set  for a multi-pronged approach to learning the alphabet!  These two products were designed to complement one another, and together they can be used to give your child a well-rounded foundation in early reading skills.

Get the Write and Read Alphabet today and start your child on the path towards a love for reading!


This product is included in the Play and Learn Preschool Bundle.  Click on the image to learn more.

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Need something with a little more punch when it comes to handwriting practice?  Meaningful Writing Alphabet Edition use the same picture prompts and coordinates with this set, but offers a little more hands-on writing experience for students who have a solid understanding of letter sounds and are looking for more opportunities to write.  See it HERE.


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