Why do Catholics Celebrate Pentecost?

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Why do Catholics Celebrate Pentecost?


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This interactive presentation explains why Catholics celebrate Pentecost in a way that engages 4th-7th grade students and helps them to stay focused throughout the activity.

Included in this resource:

  • A 49-slide guided presentation that can be divided into several “class” periods. This presentation is guided for the teacher as well so the only teacher prep needed is to make copies of the recording sheet.
  • A two-sided recording sheet where students record both knowledge and the connections they make to themselves and their world.
  • Discussion questions are embedded throughout to allow students to take what they just learned and immediately apply it to their own lives.

At the end of this activity, your student will be able to answer the following:

✅ What is a solemnity in the Catholic Church?

✅ What is the Solemnity of Pentecost?

✅ What does the word “Pentecost” mean?

✅ Where in the liturgical calendar is Pentecost celebrated?

✅ Who is the Holy Spirit?

✅ What sequence of events led from the Last Supper to the descent of the Holy Spirit?

✅ Where did the Holy Spirit come from?

✅ What happened on the day of Pentecost?

✅ What were the effects of Pentecost on the apostles?

✅ Why is Pentecost called the birthday of the Catholic Church?

✅ Who was the first Pope and why?

✅ How is the Holy Spirit “active”  today?

✅ In which two sacraments do we have an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in a special way?

✅ What are the gifts of the Holy Spirit?

✅ What are the fruits of the Holy Spirit?

✅ What are the five common symbols for the Holy Spirit?


Please Note: 

  • Even though other faiths also celebrate Pentecost, this is a true Catholic resource.
  • While this presentation does mention the sacrament of Confirmation, it is not designed as a resource about Confirmation but rather about Pentecost and how the gifts of the Holy Spirit bear fruit in our lives. It is a great resource to use before your students do a “deeper dive” into the Sacrament of Confirmation.
  • There is a video included at the end of the resource that I use to review. I can not be sure that the video will always be available online. The video is just a review and everything in it is already covered in the lessons. I just included the link in case you want to also use it to review.


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