What is a Planet? Packet

By: TutoringVault

Is your student passionate about planets? Looking at the planets and how amazingly different they are from our world can not only be a fun subject to study but can also crack wide our curiosity.

This planet packet is a collection of sheets of things I simply couldn’t find or things that didn’t quite have the right format for my needs. I especially enjoy using the What is a Planet? reading pages to foster conversations about dwarf planet characteristics, stars, and comets and why they are not considered planets.

Planet Packet Includes:

What is a planet? reading page

What is a planet? Fill in the Blank

Name all of the Planets Quiz

Name all of the Planets in order Quiz

Solar System Statistics Chart

Solar System Statistics questions


I hope you enjoy this resource, and if you have any questions concerns or comments don’t hesitate to contact me!


This product is presented in a ZIP file, please be sure you have the necessary technology to unzip it before purchasing.


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What is a Planet? Packet