Valentine’s Day Writing Prompts | 3rd-5th Grade | Opinion, Narrative, and Informative

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Valentine’s Day Writing Prompts!

These ENGAGING Valentine’s Day Writing Prompts are designed for 3rd through 5th grade.

These Opinion, Narrative, and Informative Valentine’s Day Writing Prompts are designed to help kids master their writing skills if they practice writing each month, each season, and for holidays with engaging prompts.  Each writing prompt in this writing unit is designed to help master opinion writing, narrative writing, and informative/ explanatory writing. There are instructions listed at the top of each prompt that encourages your child to use an introduction, reasons to support their writing, and a conclusion.  To help kids prepare before they start their writing, they should organize their thoughts with writing organizers.  Use these writing organizers as a tool to help guide a student with their writing.

This Valentine’s Day Writing Unit includes 3 Opinion Prompts, 3 Narrative Prompts, and 3 Informative / Explanatory Prompts that are centered around VALENTINE’S DAY ACTIVITIES. Also included are 2 different writing organizer pages for each type of writing prompt.

It’s a GREAT value with fun festive borders to display in your home and interesting and engaging prompts to promote creativity in your child!

33 pages included!


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Valentine's Day Writing Prompts
Valentine’s Day Writing Prompts | 3rd-5th Grade | Opinion, Narrative, and Informative