Valentine Love Notes

By: There Is No Box

These adorable note cards give you the perfect activity to inspire kindness and gratitude…and handwriting practice!  The printer-friendly pages are available in three versions for writers in different stages, and can be used in endless ways.


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Every homeschool mama wants their children to practice gratitude and kindness.  These happy little note cards give you an easy, no-prep way to inspire those virtues in your home.  (And as a bonus, they’ll be practicing handwriting skills!  Kindness + Handwriting = Perfect Pair!)

The Valentine Love Notes Set includes 12 note cards in four designs and three writing styles, as well as a guide for six creative ways to use them.

Simply print to use in one of these creative ways:

  • As handmade Valentines for family, friends, or co-op parties
  • To leave your children encouraging “I love you” messages in their school books, on the bathroom mirror, or waiting for them at breakfast
  • Create a dramatic play Post Office or Cupid Delivery Service using the cards as letters and mail
  • A fun Valentine-themed way to practice spelling and vocabulary words
  • Use unlined cards as pretty flashcards for math problems, alphabet identification, subject-based questions, and more
  • Make holiday themed trivia questions
  • Write down conversation starters to use at the lunch or dinner table
  • Create your own game, using the notes as instruction or game-play cards
  • Write a number on a card and have your preschooler place the same number of items on top
  • Write encouraging notes and deliver to neighbors, shut-ins, or residents in a care facility

With so many ideas, you’ll be able to use these cards over and over again!


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Practice handwriting while also inspiring gratitude in your children with these Valentine Love Notes!
Valentine Love Notes