The Edible Art Color Wheel! Learning About Primary & Secondary Colors!

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With this fun & yummy edible color wheel lesson, students learn about primary and secondary colors! Students will mix primary colors of frosting to create secondary colors and place them in a color wheel on cookies!
This EDIBLE art lesson includes a very detailed, comprehensive lesson plan to guide you through possibly one of the most FUN art experiences your students may have this year! This walks you through what you need for the lesson, how to prepare for it, includes differentiated color wheels for various age groups, an exciting optional extension activity, a quiz to assess what your students have learned, AND photos of all the supplies to help you get set up.
This lesson uses Nilla Wafer cookies and different colors of frosting to show an understanding of primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. Students will get to mix primary colors of frosting to create secondary colors. They’ll spread the frosting on Nilla Wafers and arrange them into a color wheel representation. Students can also have the opportunity to create tertiary colors.
I have two versions of the color wheel:
-A version with SIX color circles that is recommended for Kindergarteners – second grade, and covers primary and secondary colors.
-A version with TWELVE color circles that is recommended for third graders and up, and covers primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.
The included optional extension activity is a lot of fun. Students will get to create their own color mixtures to INVENT their own colors and give them names! Always so much fun for the kids!
Throughout the years, I’ve done this lesson with my students as a first day of school ice breaker, as an art club lesson, and also in the middle of the school year when students needed a pick-me-up. No matter the time of year, students always LOVE this lesson, and it is something that will ensure their school year is a memorable one!

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The Edible Art Color Wheel! Learning About Primary & Secondary Colors!
The Edible Art Color Wheel! Learning About Primary & Secondary Colors!