Thanksgiving ESCAPE ROOM – Holiday Traditions – Reading Comprehension – No Prep

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Thanksgiving ESCAPE ROOM – Holiday Traditions – Reading Comprehension – No Prep


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The Thanksgiving Escape Room will take students on a secret mission around the classroom, reading passages, answering questions, and decoding clues. This escape room activity has students decode interesting facts about Thanksgiving, history, and traditions around the world.
The Thanksgiving Traditions Escape Room has students walking around the classroom breaking codes. The codes include ciphers, Morse code, cryptograms and a final 4 digit code based on the decoders/clues.
What’s Included?
✏️ 4 Reading Passages
✏️ 4 Puzzle Phrases to Decode
✏️ 4 Decoders
✏️ 4 Differentiated Decoders
✏️ 10 Multiple Choice Questions
✏️ Teacher Instructions
✏️ Answer Key
✏️ Hint Guides – How To Decode
✏️ Completion Signs
Watch the video or click on the preview button to take a closer look at everything included!
Skills Used:
✔️ Reading Comprehension
✔️ Critical Thinking
✔️ Peer Collaboration
✔️ Problem Solving
To prevent students from simply decoding the puzzles, ALL questions need to be answered correctly in order to solve the final code. This ensures understanding!
Benefits of Use:
✏️ No Prep
✏️ Print and Go
✏️ Cross-Curricular
✏️ Highly Engaging
✏️ No Locks Needed
✏️ No silly envelopes to stuff
✏️ No fancy shapes to cut out
Give students a chance to decode puzzles, move around the room, and read passages, all while actively learning! Students will work in pairs (or individually) and race against the clock. A friendly competition always increases engagement. No prior knowledge is needed. Each code will reveal interesting facts about the topic.
Puzzle Types:
✔️ Cryptogram
✔️ Morse Code
✔️ PigPen Cipher
✔️ Polybius Square
Options for Use:
✏️ Anticipatory Sets
✏️ Unit Review
✏️ Early Finishers
✏️ Gallery Walk
✏️ Stations
✏️ Sub Plans
✏️ Rewards


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