Teacher’s Weekly Topic Planner | Kindergarten Filled Fully Editable to Any Grade

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This is an easy to use Homeschool Planning Resource to help you organize your Subjects by Weekly Topics.

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Teacher's Weekly Topic Planner
Teacher’s Weekly Topic Planner | Kindergarten Filled Fully Editable to Any Grade


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Teacher’s Weekly Topic Planner

Are you in the midst of Teacher Planning and need a Helpful tool to get all of your Weekly Topics sorted out for the year? This helpful planning tool is designed to save you time and provides fields for you to fill in weekly topics for each subject you plan to cover in the upcoming school year.

It also comes with PREFILLED Kindergarten Weekly Topics by subject for your consideration (not all-encompassing & can easily be added to, or edited to, your desired topics).

I personally used the Teacher’s Weekly Topic Planner when coming up with topics to cover for my homeschooled Kindergarten child. It is especially helpful to reference if you do not have a boxed or written curriculum to follow and want to plan your own curriculum or weekly topics.

Another option for those who choose to use a written curriculum with laid out weekly topics is to add those topics to this planner plus any extra topics you would like to cover over the course of the year per subject area for better organization.

This is a versatile resource and can also be used by public/private school teachers to help organize your weekly topics by subject (See photos for reference on the Subject Headers & to see the Format in more detail).

WHAT’S INCLUDED IN THE Teacher’s Weekly Topic Planner:

  • Fully editable Google Docs file where you can edit everything from Grade Level to Subjects to Topics Covered–Basically-any text you see, you CAN edit 🙂


  • Print Ready Options in PDF: One Prefilled with Kindergarten Topics PDF (with additional space to handwrite in more topics–up to 39 fields/weeks) & One ANY GRADE BLANK PDF with options to handwrite in up to 39 fields/weeks of topics
    • PDF Versions come with helpful notes/comments preloaded for various topics. I use either PDF comments or Google Docs comments to expand on what I would like to cover on that particular topic without worrying about print space. This keeps the document neat, but gives me more references and information I need for each topic. You can easily add and edit comments for your own needs on both the PDF file and the Google Docs files!


  • Both the Google Docs file and the PDF Prefilled version come with a number of time-saving links to resources that match various prefilled topics in the document for Kindergarten-1st Grade (all linked resources are by Learn&Praise@Home).


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