Synonyms and Antonyms – Story Based Grammar Activities

By: Clever Speller

These story based activities will help your child to learn about synonyms and antonyms and build vocabulary. A variety of synonym and antonym worksheets based on the included story provide meaningful and contextual learning.



Synonyms and Antonyms Story Based Learning
Synonyms and Antonyms – Story Based Grammar Activities


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Learn about synonyms and antonyms with this variety pack of worksheets to provide meaningful and contextual learning for middle primary students. Combining grammar and phonics these story based learning activities are based on the included Long E phonics story ‘Three Free Wishes’.

Included in this resource:


Sort and Compare: 20 Activities

  • Sort the Antonyms and Synonyms into the correct column
  • Draw and label 2 comparative core words

Antonym Pairs: 5 worksheets

  • Match the Antonym pairs and write in a sentence

Rewrite the Story: 4 worksheets

  • Rewrite the story with synonyms and antonyms
  • Students will need a copy of the included story
  • 2 Synonym pages, (student worksheet story is in larger print)
  • 2 Antonyms pages, (student worksheet story is in larger print)

Colour Code: 2 worksheets

  • Highlight Synonyms in blue and Antonyms in green

Vocabulary Extension: 4 worksheets

  • Write own synonyms and antonyms

Teacher Resources

Long E Phonics Story: Three Free Wishes

  • 2 copies of the story, all black text, Long E words in green
  • Includes 128 Long E vowel sound words
  • Provides context for the activities in this pack

Word Lists: 20 core words

  • Core words with one matching synonyms and antonym
  • Core words with 4 synonyms
  • Core words with 4 antonyms

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Clever Speller

Clever Speller is a unique story based approach to spelling and is ideal for homeschoolers, travellers and anyone looking for a natural way to teach kids to spell. Ditch the disconnected worksheets and meaningless lists and bring spelling to life with beautifully illustrated phonics picture books full of words that clearly show all the ways to spell sounds in words. Perfect for homeschooling or anywhere schooling!

Clever Speller is a family owned business created by a teacher passionate about creating warm and natural learning experiences. Here is the story of how Clever Speller began, in her words.

'I love to bring learning to life with stories. I spent many hours, days and months collecting words and crafting them in to stories that kids could relate to with colourful characters and fun adventures, that just happen to help them learn to spell as well :) All the stories were created and written in my flower garden and I hope the stories bring happiness and growth, just as my flower garden does!