Summer Reading Challenges for Kids

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Summer Reading Challenges for Kids


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Who says summer reading is a chore?  This set of summer reading challenges for kids offers fun and engaging ways to invite children into the world of books.  

Research has shown that kids who don’t read over the summer can lose up to three months of reading progress.  Whether they are just beginning to read, or are well into their teens, there are challenges in this printable set that will meet their needs.  Make the process fun for both you and your child with these creative ideas that keep reading fresh and inventive.

What’s Included with the Summer Reading Challenges for Kids:

  • Summer Reading Bingo (appropriate for readers of every age)
  • 100 Minute Challenge (can be completed in 20 minutes/day for 5 days)
  • 200 Minute Challenge (can be completed in 40 minutes/day for 5 days)
  • 1000 Page Challenge (for older students or a summer-long challenge)
  • Reading Dice (a fun spin on where and what to read!)
  • Reading River (can be used as a board game or as a sticker sheet to track progress)

Children who enjoy reading will have fun seeing their progress displayed as they work towards their goals, creating a sense of pride in their accomplishments.  

Have a child who is particularly uninterested in reading?  The pages in this set are perfect for an incentive program, too!  Incentivize kids to read by offering rewards like pizza, ice cream, activities, or small trinkets when they complete one of the challenges.  The variety of choices in this pack give you an excellent selection of challenges to rotate between, keeping your child engaged for weeks on end.  

Keep learning simple this summer while still creating a rich educational environment with these summer reading challenges for kids!

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