STEM / STEAM Resource Package

By: Mrs. Gray's Place

Bring your STEAM lessons to life with this easy-to-use resource package. Simply print, copy, and go!



STEM / STEAM Resource Package


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“Streamline Your STEAM Classroom with this ‘Ready to Go’ Resource Package”

Bring your STEAM lessons to life with this easy-to-use resource package. Simply print, copy, and go!

The package includes everything you need to get started, including STEAM bulletin board headers, project “rules”, a pre-activity for students to research and learn about the aspects of STEAM, a teacher planning sheet, student workbook, student reflection sheet, and student presentation guidelines.

This “Ready to Go” resource is the perfect solution for busy teachers who want to integrate STEAM into their curriculum with minimal preparation time. Give your students the chance to learn about and experience the exciting world of STEAM with this comprehensive and user-friendly resource package.

What people are saying:

  • Great resource for in class and for my after school maker club. I love the journal prompts to encourage students to share their thinking. (Jemagic Resources)
  • Good resource for extensions. (DiAnna M)

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