Spring-Themed Unit Packet | No-Prep

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Spring-Themed Unit Packet | No-Prep


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Spring-Themed Unit Packet

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This Reading, Phonics, Writing, Math, and Grammar Unit includes everything you need for a five-day teaching, printable version. Welcome the Spring Season with a complete no-prep Spring Unit standards-based (Phonics, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Math, and Bulletin Boards Activities ). This is your packet if you are looking for high-quality, standards-based materials to keep your students on track and engaged with all they need. Teacher’s Checklists and answer keys are included.

With this printable version, you’ll be ready to engage students and differentiate according to your student’s needs. Assign it as homework, assessment, center activity, or in small groups to review and reinforce skills while you engage them.



  • Teacher Directions
  • Who is this for?
  • List of What is Included
  • How to Checklist
  • Phonics, Reading, Writing, Math, Grammar, and Do Now Checklists
  • Answer Keys to all Activities – excluding Writing which may vary by student.


  • One Flap-Up Page
  • 4 Phonics pages Long and short vowels ( Color the long Vowels blue and short red) to practice and reinforce vowel sound recognition.
  • Syllables ( circle the number that matches the number of syllables in each picture/word).
  • Compound Words (Write the compound word for each picture.)
  • Vowel Assessment ( color the long vowel blue and the short vowel blue.) Assess studnets in their application of skills.

-Reading :

  • The Smart Caterpillar Reading Comprehension Fiction (Character, Setting, and Ending.)
  • Bees Reading Comprehension Nonfiction (Main Idea and Facts )
  • Compare and Contrast (Bee and Caterpillar )
  • (Number the picture-Life Cycle of a Butterfly or cut and glue )
  • Caterpillar Hands-on Project (Bulleting Board Activity )
  • Bees Hands-on Project (Bulleting Board Activity )

– Writing :

  • Spring Writing 3 different Vision (Color the pictures and write a story about Them )
  • Punctuations ( Circle and color the punctuations)
  • Verbs and Nouns (Highlight the verb yellow and the noun green.)

-Math :

  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Double-Digit Addition
  • Double- Digit Subtraction
  • Doubles Review
  • Correct or Incorrect find the Right Answer
  • Mystery Math Problems

-Bonus three pages of I Spy

-Terms of Use

  • All products are for single buyer use only. Please purchase an additional license per teacher.


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