Spring Coloring Pages and Color by Sound Activities for Phonemic Awareness

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Help your students build reading fluency with these spring coloring pages, color-by-code worksheets, and word-sorting activities that strengthen phonemic awareness and phonics skills. Practice CVC words, beginning sounds, blends, short and long vowels, magic e (silent e), open and closed syllables, and nonsense words.

Using the science of reading, these fun, motivational, and multi-sensory activities complement any phonics instruction, Orton-Gillingham-based program, or other reading intervention. They are perfect for morning work, literacy centers, homework, intervention programs, and more. They are also great to have on hand for fast finishers and substitutes.

Look at What’s Included

►12 color by sound worksheets

► Short vowel CVC words

► Beginning consonant digraphs

► Beginning blends

(sp, fl, cr, dr, gr, st, cl, bl br sw)

► Ending blends

(mp, lk, nd, nt, st)

► Confusing beginning sounds

(b, d, p, q, g)

► Short and long vowel sounds

► CVC and CVCe words

► Open and closed syllables

► Nonsense CVC words


► 12 Word sorting worksheets using the words from each puzzle.

► Directions

► Answer sheets/word lists

► Practice with decodable words

► Each worksheet includes multiple skills for review.

► Helps with spelling and vocabulary

► Use for blending practice


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Spring Coloring Pages and Color by Sound Activities for Phonemic Awareness