Spring Color By Code Math Worksheets (4 Levels)

By: YourTeachingDoc

SPRING into Math with these FUN, LEVELED, No-Prep Color by Code Worksheets. These Spring Color By Code Worksheets are super fun and engaging for your student to practice number identification, number literacy, addition, and subtraction skills to 20. Your students will be identifying numbers, reading number words, adding and subtracting to 20 in no time!!!


Spring Color By Code Math Worksheets (4 Levels)


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Spring Coloring (Color by Code) Math Worksheets – the perfect way to make math fun! These worksheets are packed with FOUR levels of differentiated worksheets including number recognition, counting, addition, subtraction, and reading number words. Combining interactive practice with a colorful and engaging way to learn, this product provides an innovative way to teach math skills to Kindergarten and 1st Grade students as well as students who need differentiated learning no matter what their age! Bonus: Coloring is a great way to increase fine motor skills!!!

These differentiated Spring math worksheets are designed to increase fluency in basic math skills and concepts (number identification, addition, and subtraction) while also your students to think critically and problem-solve. With this product, students of all ages can practice in a fun and interactive way, while learning valuable skills that will help them in school and beyond. By allowing students to explore math concepts in a fun way, they can learn more effectively, while also discovering a newfound love and appreciation for Math. 

This is an excellent addition to any homeschooling curriculum!

With this product, you can be confident that your student is learning in the most effective and enjoyable way possible. So why not give your child the gift of math fun this spring? 

✏What’s Included:

1 Cover Page and Master Color Page

Level 1: 4 “Match the Number” Color by Code Worksheets (2) 1-10 (2) 11-20

Level 2: 4 “Read the Number” Color By Code Worksheets (2) 1-10 (2) 11-20

Level 3: 4 “Add the Numbers” Color By Code Worksheets (2) 1-10 (2) 11-20

Level 4: 4 “Subtract the Numbers” Color By Code Worksheets (2) 1-10 (2) 11-20

✏ Please look at the Preview and Thumbnails to ensure this activity aligns with your students/curriculum. If you have any questions, please contact me at  ginger@yourteachingdoc.com BEFORE purchasing any item in my store so I can ensure you are satisfied with your purchase.

I look forward to your child enjoying this as much as mine did!



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