Phonics Story for 9 Long A Word Families + Spelling Activities, Chart and Quiz

By: Clever Speller

Learn to Spell with Stories

This sweet phonics story is full of words with the Long A sound, providing the context for phonics to make sense and bringing life to your spelling time!

‘Baby Jake’s Birthday’ contains 103 Long A vowel sound words, with the Long A letters printed in contrasting green to clearly show 9 different ways the Long A sound can be spelled, making learning to spell a fun and natural experience

Also included is a range of meaningful and connected activities to easily develop phonemic awareness and phonics skills.



Long A Phonics Storybook Covers
Phonics Story for 9 Long A Word Families + Spelling Activities, Chart and Quiz


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Long A Phonics Story

Learning to spell Long A words is fun and interesting with this engaging phonics story full of words showing how the Long A vowel sound can be spelled in 9 different ways. The story contains 103 Long A words, with the Long A letters printed in contrasting green for easy decoding.

The storybook also includes differentiated word family lists, a reading comprehension quiz, homonyms, high frequency sight words, play based and cross curricular activities and a colouring page. Your students will easily develop phonemic awareness, learn to decode sounds in words and build knowledge of letter sound correspondence.

In this engaging story, ‘Baby Jake’s Birthday’, Jamie and Jane are in charge of the games at Baby Jake’s first birthday party. Children will love reading about the party fun while learning to spell at the same time.

Our unique approach to phonics combines systematic spelling with story based learning to bring spelling to life and provides the context for phonics to make sense. Re-energize your students and make spelling time a happy and successful time for all!

In This Resource:

  • engaging 22 page full page phonics picture book story
  • 103 Long A spelling words to learn 9 different ways the Long A sound can be spelled: ‘a’, ai’, ‘ay’, ‘a_e’, ‘ea’, ‘ei’, ‘eigh’, ‘e_e’ and ‘ey’
  • word family list
  • tricky words
  • reading comprehension
  • homonyms
  • grapheme chart
  • story on one page
  • coloring page
  • spelling activity ideas
  • cross curricula story based learning activities

Print or View

  • PDF format to print as booklet or single pages, or view on any screen in single or double page format to suit
  • Download as a zip file, open and select the version that suits you best.

Note: You will receive 2 versions as separate PDF files to accommodate slightly different spelling for US or UK/Aus.  The following different spellings occur in the story and accompanying activity pages.

US/UK: neighbors/neighbours, favorite/favourite, labeling/labelling, coloring/colouring

Please note: these are different to decodable readers for whole words. This phonics story book focuses on decoding a focus sound.


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Clever Speller

Clever Speller is a unique story based approach to spelling and is ideal for homeschoolers, travellers and anyone looking for a natural way to teach kids to spell. Ditch the disconnected worksheets and meaningless lists and bring spelling to life with beautifully illustrated phonics picture books full of words that clearly show all the ways to spell sounds in words. Perfect for homeschooling or anywhere schooling!

Clever Speller is a family owned business created by a teacher passionate about creating warm and natural learning experiences. Here is the story of how Clever Speller began, in her words.

'I love to bring learning to life with stories. I spent many hours, days and months collecting words and crafting them in to stories that kids could relate to with colourful characters and fun adventures, that just happen to help them learn to spell as well :) All the stories were created and written in my flower garden and I hope the stories bring happiness and growth, just as my flower garden does!