Spanish reading comprehension game No prep What is it Nivel inicial 50 preguntas

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Spanish reading comprehension game No prep What is it Nivel inicial 50 preguntas


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This item is a digital self-checking, no prep game in Spanish. It is especially created to help students develop their reading competence in a fun and captivating way. The resource contains 50 questions with 200 flashcards. Students will have to read carefully the task in order to get the correct answer.

The item is focused on shifting from word-reading to sentence comprehension with the correspond thinking process. Some of the questions are tricky, so all they should be read with attention.

Because reading is a dynamic and complex process, students will have to think, reason and interpret correctly the questions before clicking on the answers.

It is recommendable to play the game during several classes since the set can be divided in groups of 10 questions, for example.

Once students give the correct answer, teachers could ask for some additional explanations /For example: ¿Con qué puedo secarme las manos? – ¿Por qué las otras variantes no son correctas?: Posibles explicaciones que pueden dar los alumnos: el altavoz sirve para hablar alto en el patio de la escuela; los libros son para leerlos y aprender cosas; si me lavo las manos, las voy a mojar y no secar. /

To be played in Presentation Mode.


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→ Contains 50 questions with 200 flashcards;

→ No-prep;

→ Helps students develop their reading comprehension;

→ Self-checking interactive game for primary school and Spanish novice/beginners;

→ Includes instructions;

→ Fun and entertaining tool for practicing reading in Spanish;

→ Allows additional speaking activity /see the example above/;

→ Ideal for in-person classes or online learning;

→ Can be used during Back to school, End of year, End of term, etc.

→ Can be used during several classes.


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