Spanish Present Simple 42 Irregular verbs Presente de 42 verbos irregulares

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The perfect resource for practicing the most common Spanish irregular verbs in Present simple. With keys!


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The product “Flashcards” – Present of Indicative /Presente de Indicativo” contains 42 irregular verbs in Spanish with 84 forms. They are the most common irregular verbs, which students usually struggle with. It is a no prep item, you can use it printing it (color or B&W) and cutting the cards and distribute them. The aim of this activity is to help Spanish learners master conjugating the irregular verb forms.
The product is mainly for upper-beginners /different ages and grades/, although it can be used for intermediate level for mastering the irregular verbs in Spanish.
Students should say the two asked forms of the given verb as quickly as they can. In a normal communicative process, they will have to do the same – say quickly the form they need in a specific situation without spending a lot of time conjugating the whole paradigm until they get the necessary one.

→ 42 most common irregular verbs in Spanish;
→ Greatly valuable for practicing the forms of irregular verbs in Present of Indicative which is considered the most difficult verb tense in Spanish;
→ Effective training for real communication;
→ Cards can be printed and laminated;
→ Can be applied for self study or homeschooling;
→ Useful for primary, middle and high schools and for adults;
→ Instructions in English and Spanish;
→ Answers included.

El producto “Flashcards” – Present of Indicative /Presente de Indicativo” contiene 42 verbos irregulares en español con 84 formas. Se trata de los verbos irregulares más frecuentes con los que los alumnos suelen tener dificultades. El objetivo de esta actividad es ayudar a los estudiantes a perfeccionar la conjugación de los verbos irregulares en presente de indicativo.
Los alumnos tendrán que decir las dos formas que se les piden del verbo dado lo más rápido posible. En una situación comunicativa normal, tendrán que hacer lo mismo – decir rápido la forma verbal que necesiten sin perder tiempo conjugando el paradigma entero del verbo hasta dar con la apropiada.
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Spanish Present Simple 42 Irregular verbs Presente de 42 verbos irregulares