Social/Emotional Worksheets and Activities – Dinosaur Theme

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Learners will practice identifying feelings and healthy coping skills as they follow along with Dino through situations where he expresses big emotions.


Social/Emotional Worksheets and Activities – Dinosaur Theme


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Search no further for an engaging product that helps your learners with social/emotional skills. Within the pages of this product, you will find many worksheets and activities for your elementary school age learners. Whether you’re a classroom teacher, resource teacher, school counselor, or therapist, this product will help you work with learners who are needing guidance in social/emotional situations. The 3 main topics focused on are identifying and naming feelings, empathy, and healthy coping skills. The activities and worksheets are differentiated to meet the needs of most learners. Many of the worksheets include real-life scenarios that kids face every day. Included is a story about Dino, the first grade T-Rex, who navigates his way through the school day with big emotions. His classmates help him identify and practice healthy coping skills when he feels angry. This product contains a color version and a black & white version. PLEASE NOTE: Color and B&W versions are IDENTICAL.

When you purchase this product, you will receive:

PAGES 1-11: Dino’s Big Feelings Story
PAGES 12-13: Cards showing the facial expressions associated with 7 main emotions
PAGE 14: Learners match the dinosaurs’ facial expressions to emotion words.
PAGE 15: Learners cut and paste the dinosaur’s facial expressions to emotion words.
PAGE 16: Learners match the dinosaurs’ facial expression to a real-life scenario.
PAGE 17: Learners cut and paste the dinosaurs’ facial expression to a real-life scenario.
PAGE 18-21: Learners respond to a prompt by writing about a time they felt the given emotion.
PAGE 22: Learners match the dinosaurs’ facial expressions to a healthy coping skill.
PAGE 23: Learners cut and paste a picture of a coping skill to a real-life scenario.
PAGE 24: Learners write the emotion the dinosaur is feeling and write a healthy coping skill the dinosaur can use when feeling that way.
PAGE 25: Learners write a socially appropriate response to a dinosaur who has explained a feeling he/she is having and why.
PAGE 26: Learners write socially appropriate responses based on real-life scenarios and the facial expressions of dinosaurs.
PAGE 27: Learners cut and paste real-life scenarios under volcanos labeled with “big emotions.”
PAGE 28: Learners match Dino’s behaviors to his classmates and the ways his actions made them feel.
PAGE 29: Learners use this informational handout to learn the “Layers of Feelings.” This identifies underlying emotions that are usually labeled with basic feelings.
PAGE 30: Learners cut and paste underlying emotions under the volcanos labeled with basic feelings. This can be used in conjunction with the “Layers of Feelings” handout.
PAGE 31: Learners write 2-6 big feelings they experience on the volcano.
PAGE 32: Learners write about a situation in which they felt big feelings and how they acted because of it.
PAGE 33: Learners write better/healthier ways Dino could have behaved when he had big emotions.
PAGE 34: Badges learners can use to remind them to “go with the flow” instead of acting out from big behaviors. These can fit discretely in a learner’s desk or backpack, or pocket.
PAGE 35: Certificates that can be given to learners when an adult notices they “go with the flow” and use healthy coping skills.


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I am an adoptive mom of 5 wonderful kiddos and I homeschooled 4 of them for several years. Prior to becoming a mom, I was a classroom aide in grades 1-3, a co-teacher in various pre-school classrooms (infants to age 3), and a lead teacher in Pre-K, as well as a before/after-school program leader. I have a bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and graduate coursework in special education. It was during the years that I homeschooled my kids that I tried my hand at creating resources for them. We did so many "out of the box" activities and I struggled to find resources for them online. I began creating material that met their individual needs and tied into what they were learning. The rest, they say, is history.