Skip Counting Introduction and Practice Digital Boom™ Cards BUNDLE

By: Colleen's Cosmic Collection

Need an activity to practice number recognition and counting that will be fun and engaging? Skip Counting Introduction and Practice Digital Boom™ Cards BUNDLE is perfect for developing number sense by practicing number identification and subitizing! Your kiddos will have so much fun watching the dice roll and seeing what it lands on!


Skip Counting Introduction and Practice Digital Boom™ Cards BUNDLE


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Need activities to introduce skip counting that will be fun and engaging? These no prep digital Boom Cards math activities are perfect for practicing skip counting! Your kiddos will develop their number sense as they learn about counting in intervals, work with a 100 square, count objects and complete number patterns!

This BUNDLE contains all of my Skip Counting Introduction and Practice Boom Cards Decks:

You will get all these decks for the price of 5 if you purchase them together in this BUNDLE!

Each fun Skip Counting Activity in this bundle includes:

  • 27 Boom Cards altogether
  • 1 card introducing the concept of counting in intervals (2s – 10s).
  • 1 card with a 100 square. Students need to drag circles onto the numbers as they count.
  • 18 cards for students to count objects
  • 7 cards with number patterns for students to complete by finding and dragging the missing number into place.
  • Interactive drag and drop format
  • Boom Cards are self-checking and students get instant feedback!
  • Teacher information

Your kiddos will love learning and practicing skip counting with these fun and interactive activities!

Please note: on purchasing this product, you will receive PDF with a link to the Boom Cards decks. In order to access the decks, you must log in to the Boom Learning℠ platform at BoomLearning.com. If you open the BONUS FILE, you will get a one-click fulfillment of the bundle.

To use Boom Cards, you must be connected to the Internet. Boom Cards play on modern browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge). Apps are available for modern Android, iPads, iPhones, and Kindle Fires. For security and privacy, adults must have a Boom Learning account to use and assign Boom Cards. You will be able to assign the Boom Cards you are buying with “Fast Pins,” (a form of play that gives instant feedback to students for self-grading Boom Cards). For assignment options that report student progress back to you, you will need to purchase a premium account. If you are new to Boom Learning, you will be offered a free trial of our premium account. Read here for details: http://bit.ly/BoomTrial.

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Colleen Schwartz


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