Skip Counting Activities

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Skip Counting Activities


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Go beyond typical hundreds chart chanting with hands-on learning, games, and more in this Rainy Day Fun skip counting activities set.  This printable pack includes strategies and tools for teaching skip counting that are easy for you to implement and fun for your children to do! 

Make learning exciting as your children skip their way through a board game, engage in one of the number cards activities, color a hundreds chart, jump around on a sidewalk chalk course, or model number sense with blocks.  Playing is learning with this cute pack!

What’s Included Inside the Skip Counting Activities Set:

  • Raindrop Hop Game (with 2 game boards and 24 cards)
  • Number Cards 1-100 (including 5 skip counting activities to do with them)
  • Happy Hundreds Chart (and 3 skip counting activities you can use it for)
  • 2 No-Prep Skip Counting Worksheets (in color and b/w)
  • Teaching Guide: 10 Fun Ways to Teach Skip Counting

The Rainy Day Fun Skip Counting Activities set caters well to kids with a variety of learning styles.  The games included in this pack keep your student engaged by presenting the concept in several ways, keeping it fresh and exciting as they practice and review.

Download a copy and have fun learning TODAY!


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