Short Vowel Dots and Boxes Game

By: The Sped Queen


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Are you looking for an easy to use and engaging activity to practice phonics? Box it Up is exactly what you need. You may recognize this game; sometimes it called box and dots. Students will love playing this to practice their phonics skills! This product aligns with SORbased instruction and interventions (think UFLI) and will provide your students with targeted skill practice.


This product targets short vowel sounds. It includes an answer recording sheet which becomes a word sort sheet when the game targets two different vowel sounds.


Directions are simple. Students will choose a partner, pick a marker, and begin taking turns connecting dots. When they close a box, they make a tally. They will say the word and then record it on their answer sheet. Students continue playing until all boxes are made.


✨My Product Includes✨

  • 170 Game Boards
  • Direction page
  • Recording Sheets
  • a, e, I, o, u targeted in isolation
  • Word sorts include a/e, a/I, a/o, a/u, e/i, e/o, e/u, i/o, i/u, o/u
  • Word sort recording sheet


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The Sped Queen

Short Vowel Dots and Boxes Game