Short A Family Worksheets

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Short A Family Worksheets are here! Start the fun with “The Man”


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Short A Family Worksheets


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Short A Family Worksheets

Are you looking for an easy-to-follow CVC worksheet? Short A Family Worksheets are here for you! The perfect combo with my previous CVC easy readers and worksheets “The Cat”. Your preschooler or kindergartner will love the easy-to-follow worksheets and easy reader. The pages are numbered so you can follow through without hassle.


What’s Included in the Short-A Family Worksheet?

  • You will receive 5 worksheets that focus on CVC words in the A family.
  • Simple sight words are included in the worksheets as well.
  • Printing Instructions for the easy reader
  • “The Man” easy reader (The easy reader is to be folded after double sided printing.)
  • Comprehension questions for the story

How to Use the Short A Family Worksheets

Simply start on page 1 of the worksheets, practicing sounding out the whole word, or the short vowel sound. Use letter tiles, pencils, or Play-Doh to fill in the missing vowel sound. Consider laminating the Short A Family Worksheets to use again and again, and with Expo markers.

Do not rush your child in their learning, taking even one page a day is just fine! Using the worksheets first allows your child to practice all the words they will need to confidently move on to the easy reader! Do not worry about focusing on sight words, allow them to master CVC words and short vowel sounds first, the sight words are just a side point…its hard to write a story without at least a few sight words! 

How to Use the Short A Family Easy Reader

I remember when my son was learning to read. I was overwhelmed with teaching him, feeling like I wasn’t doing enough, and that he wasn’t reading enough. I promise you, keeping things simple is the best way! Use the simple comprehension questions to help your child connect with the story. Consider using the story as your reading for the next week so your child can get familiar with reading and the letter sounds. I hope you enjoy these Short A Family Worksheets and the easy reader as much as I enjoyed making them for you! Be on the lookout for more Short Family Worksheets!


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