Rocks and Minerals STEM Education Worksheets for Interactive Geology Learning

By: GeoKidz

Discover the world of rocks and minerals with our comprehensive worksheets. Identify, study, and learn about the formation processes and real-world applications of rocks and minerals. Perfect for geology enthusiasts.


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These worksheets aim to delve into the fascinating world of rocks and minerals, essential components of the Earth’s crust. Rocks are composed of minerals, which are naturally occurring inorganic substances with specific chemical compositions and structures. This worksheet will guide you through identifying different types of rocks and minerals, and understanding their properties, formation processes, and their significance in various fields.


Rock Identification

  • Study images or descriptions of different types of rocks (igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic).
  • Identify and label each rock type based on its distinct characteristics, textures, and origins.


Mineral Characteristics

  • Explore the properties of minerals such as color, hardness, luster, cleavage, and streak.
  • Examine various minerals and describe their unique characteristics that aid in their identification.


Rock Formation Processes

  • Investigate the formation processes of different rock types. Describe how igneous rocks form from volcanic activity, how sedimentary rocks are created through sedimentation and compaction, and how metamorphic rocks result from intense heat and pressure.
  • Provide explanations or diagrams illustrating the rock formation processes.


Real-World Application

  • Select a specific rock or mineral and research its occurrence in a real-world location.
  • Describe where this rock or mineral is found, its geological significance.


By completing these worksheets, you have gained a deeper understanding of the diversity of rocks and minerals, their characteristics, formation processes, and practical applications. Rocks and minerals play integral roles in the Earth’s structure and our daily lives, making their study both fascinating and essential in comprehending the world around us.


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Our unique kits are created by a real geologist and include fun and exciting experiments, real tools used by geologists, and beautiful mineral and rock specimens! Justin is the Geologist behind GeoKidz. He received his Bachelor’s in Geology from Idaho State University and his Master’s in Geological Engineering from the University of Idaho. As a parent, he has a passion for exploring creative ways to educate children! Geology has brought a deeper understanding of our planet and its natural resources to our family and we are excited to share these opportunities with your loved ones.

Rocks and Minerals STEM Education Worksheets for Interactive Geology Learning