Review Game for Any Subject – Build a Pizza

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This engaging an fun  build a pizza-themed file folder board game is so versitile, it can be used all year for any purpose.


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This engaging build a pizza-themed file folder board game is perfect for end-of-the-year review, sight word practice, addition practice, multiplication review, math facts, phonics, test prep, and vocabulary. It makes a fun party game too.  It is so versitile, it can be used all year for any purpose.

It can be played with any set of flashcards, task cards, or word cards. Increase retention by having students create their own review cards for any subject.

It allows you to customize learning to your students’ academic needs and interests, all while making it fun. This is great as a tutoring activity, learning center, or small group activity and makes a great file folder game. It can be individualized for any level making it perfect for special education, homeschool, and ELL.

BONUS: Make sure to download the free Game Guide to complement this resource. It is packed full of useful information on using games for review, assembly, storage, ideas to differentiate, printing, and editing tips.

Special Features Included in the Game Guide

►Editable review cards

►Editable spinners and dice

►Editable labels and posters

►Game pieces with multicultural and

differently-abled kids

►Color your own game pieces with editable names


Editable cards and pieces are included in the Guide. This guide makes it possible to customize any game to target the skills your students need.


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review board game - build a pizza
Review Game for Any Subject – Build a Pizza