Reading Comprehension Passages for Kindergarten and Grade 1

By: Learn Grow Aspire

Reading Comprehension Passages for Kindergarten and Grade 1


Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Passages
Reading Comprehension Passages for Kindergarten and Grade 1


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Are you looking for an at-home reading activity to help your kindergartener and grade 1 build their reading fluency? Then look no further than this reading comprehension Passages activity pack!

9 Easy and simple reading comprehension activities for new and thriving readers.

This is a great reading comprehension activity pack for kindergarteners and first graders.

In this reading comprehension passages activity pack, you will receive the following:

  • 9 reading comprehension passages (passages are short and simple for younger readers)
  • The answer key is included.

The reading comprehension passage includes the following:

  • List writing,
  • Letter writing,
  • Invitation reading,
  • Reading labels,
  • Book cover reading,
  • Reading signs.

You can use these:

  • as part of your reading lesson plan,
  • reading comprehension unit,
  • morning work,
  • summer reading strategy


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