President Fun Facts Comprehension Challenge – Close Reading – Presidents Day

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President Fun Facts Comprehension Challenge – Close Reading – Presidents Day


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Ensure understanding with this Presidents Fun Facts Close Reading Comprehension Challenge. Students will examine the reading passage multiple times to complete each of the six tasks using the non-fiction, informational text. The best part…NO PREP for teachers. Just Print and Go! Great Presidents’ Day activity!
Topics include: interesting facts about U.S. Presidents #1-10, Washington, Jefferson, etc.
-Washington had over 25 hound dogs that he treated like members of his family.
-James Monroe was the first president to travel by steamboat.
-John Quincy was fluent in three languages.
-William Henry Harrison gave the longest inaugural speech in history on a bitterly cold winter day.
Students will work in pairs (or individually) to complete 6 tasks. Students will use reading comprehension skills to complete each task. As students complete each task, they will bring you their answers for you to quickly check. After checking, they can color in the box on the completion sheet. They will repeat the process until all 6 boxes are colored in.
This activity can be used for partner activities, anticipatory sets, unit review, sub plans, extension activities, early-finishers, stations, or independent work. How you choose to set it up in your classroom is up to you. You my also choose to do one task per day or complete them all in one or two class periods.
What’s Included?
✔️ Task 1: Fill in the Blank Reading Passage
✔️ Task 2: Vocabulary Practice
✔️ Task 3: Crossword Puzzle
✔️ Task 4: Text Marking
✔️ Task 5: True or False Word Scramble
✔️ Task 6: Summary and Supporting Details Graphic Organizer
✔️ Student Completion Sheet
✔️ Teacher Answer Key (when applicable)
✔️ Teacher Directions
What do students need?
✏️ Highlighters or Color Pencils (Green, Blue, Pink, Yellow)


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