Preschool Activities Checklist

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Preschool Activities Checklist


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Preschool Activities Checklist will do all the work for you!

There are so many choices, what is the right fit for you and your child? Worry no more, I have put together a fun little Preschool Activities Checklist for you! This is a great reminder to relax, keep it simple, and have fun! I have added only one activity for each day, with Fridays left open for you to just chill or devise your own activities.

However, if you want, take the time to pick and choose your favorites from the list and repeat them!

Whats included with the Preschool Activities Checklist is a guide for the activities.

  • Checklist of daily activities
  • 4 weeks of fun
  • descriptions for each activity

You won’t be left guessing, or needing to come up with ideas, I have done that all for you!

How to Use Your Preschool Activities Checklist

Start on Monday, week one, and work your way down the list! The first day’s activity is a simple card game. Adjust these games to your child’s learning level. Playing UNO, for instance, may involve only matching colors. Perhaps the next time you play, match only numbers. It may be necessary to take out the “wild, skip, reverse” etc. The Preschool Activities Checklist have been tried and tested! Your preschooler will enjoy spending time with you, getting their hands dirty, and just laughing and giggling with you. I need constant reminders to keep things simple. I feel most of us are this way. We are constantly worried that what we are doing isn’t enough. Know that you are enough! Don’t worry that you have to add this checklist to your already growing list of things you are doing. Keeping it simple means that maybe this checklist is the ONLY thing you are doing every day, and I PROMISE you that is ok! Your child will not fall behind because you are not touching on every subject every single day! You got this momma, I know that if you use this Preschool Activities Checklist, your child will grow more and more every day! Enjoy!


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