PreK-1st Grade: English and Spanish Weather Vocabulary

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Hello Smile Big Dream Bigger friends!

We’re thrilled to present this educational bundle packed with engaging activities to enrich your child’s language skills while learning about the weather. This worksheet contains vocabulary words, tracing activities, coloring, matching, cut & paste activities, and puzzles!

Key Features:

  • Vocabulary Enrichment: Expand your child’s vocabulary with a diverse range of weather-related words presented in both English and Spanish.
  • Bilingual Experience: Embrace the beauty of bilingualism with content available in both English and Spanish.
  • Tracing Activities: Foster fine motor skills and reinforce word recognition with tracing exercises. Children will enjoy tracing each vocabulary word, enhancing their writing abilities while learning new words.
  • Matching and Puzzles: Stimulate cognitive skills with matching games and puzzles.
  • Cut & Paste Activities: Promote hands-on learning with cut and paste activities. Watch as your child engages in interactive tasks, cutting out weather-related images and pasting them in the appropriate spaces, reinforcing vocabulary comprehension.


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Smile Big Dream Bigger

PreK-1st Grade: English and Spanish Weather Vocabulary