Parts of Speech Task Cards – School Theme

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Your 4th and 5th grade learners will enjoy this back to school grammar activity as they work their way through 20 task cards focusing on parts of speech.


Parts of Speech Task Cards – School Theme


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Put some action into your ELA curriculum with this set of 20 grammar task cards. Your upper elementary school learners will put their grammar knowledge to the test as they work their way through these task cards while focusing on parts of speech. This is a fun, back to school activity and a great way for you to assesstheir skill levels. Concepts presented in the task cards include: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, and prepositions. Designed with different formats, your learners will identify parts of speech, choose from two parts of speech, and choose from 4 parts of speech in order to provide answers to each real-world scenario. Task cards are great for indoor or outdoor learning activities. There is very little prep work involved and your learners will enjoy getting up and moving while also practicing important ELA concepts. You can also use them as a quick assessment took to gauge your learners’ levels in grammar skills. In this product you will find a color version and black and white version of the task cards. PLEASE NOTE: both versions are identical. A data recording page and answer key are also included. The data recording page is designed to reduce the number of copies and toner/ink used for printing.

When you purchase this product, you will receive:

PAGE 1: task cards 1-4 – identify the verb, choose between adjective and noun, multiple choice, pronouns

PAGE 2: task cards 5-8 – identify the adverb, choose between verb and preposition, multiple choice, adjectives

PAGE 3: task cards 9-12 – identify the noun, choose between noun and adverb, multiple choice, verbs

PAGE 4: task cards 13-16 – identify the preposition, choose between adverb and adjective, multiple choice, nouns

PAGE 5: task cards 17-20 – identify the verb, choose between adjective and noun, multiple choice, prepositions

PAGE 6: data recording page (2 sheets per page)



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