Mexican Independence Day Worksheets and Activities

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Learners in grades 4, 5, or 6 will be fully engaged with this thematic unit designed to teach about Mexican Independence Day. Full of worksheets and activities, learners will practice skills in world history, language arts (reading and writing), math, geography, art, cooking, and more.


Mexican Independence Day Worksheets and Activities


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Learn about and celebrate Mexican Independence Day with these engaging worksheets and learning activities. This product contains 19 worksheets and learning activities designed to give your learners the opportunity to strengthen skills in a variety of areas while learning about the journey taken to Mexico’s independence. Subjects include reading, writing, language arts, world languages, math, geography, art, and cooking. You can use this product as a supplement to your curriculum or a thematic unit for your learners in grade 4, grade 5, or grade 6. It was designed with 15 activities to lead up to Mexican Independence Day (September 1-15). Then, round out learning with a celebration on September 16 using the art project and cooking activity. If your timeline is limited, you’re able to pick and choose various activities to add to your lesson plans. In either case, your learners will walk away with a deeper understanding and greater respect for Mexico’s War for Independence. All worksheets and activities are available in black & white, while some are also available in color. Please note, the color and b & w versions are identical. An answer key is also provided for worksheets/activities with definitive answers. Some worksheets/activities will have answers that vary with each learner.

When you purchase this product, you will receive:

MID PACKET 1: (vertical pages)

PAGE 1: learners will read several paragraphs explaining the road to Mexico’s Independence, including El Grito de Delores and ways that Independence Day is celebrated in Mexico today.

PAGE 2: learners will answer 10 comprehension questions about the aforementioned reading passage.

PAGES 3-4: 8 vocabulary terms and definitions included throughout the worksheets and learning activities.

PAGE 5: learners will read a sentence which includes a key vocabulary term and draw a line to the matching definition.

PAGE 6: learners will find the key vocabulary terms in the dictionary, write the guide words, and either a synonym or antonym for the given word.

PAGE 7: learners will complete a timeline of Mexico’s War for Independence

PAGE 8: learners will read a brief explanation about the Aztec’s ancient city of Tenochtitlan and complete a math pyramid using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

PAGE 9: learners will solve a cryptogram to answer the question, “In Spanish, what is the phrase for Independence Day?”

PAGE 10: learners will solve a crossword puzzle that includes 8 Spanish and English terms.

PAGE 11: learners can create a crossword puzzle using Spanish and English terms for a partner to solve.

PAGE 12: learners will create and decorate a banner to display in their learning environment that showcases Mexican Independence Day.

MID PACKET 2: (horizontal pages)

PAGES 1-5: learners will create a Mexican Independence Day mobile to decorate and provide answers to questions about Mexico’s War for Independence.

PAGE 6: learners will follow directions to label Mexico and its neighbors on a world map. Learners will also follow directions to label major locations in Mexico where the war for independence was fought.

PAGE 7: learners will read about the meaning and significance of Mexico’s flag.

PAGE 8: learners will decorate a full-page graphic of Mexico’s flag.

PAGE 9: learners will read several paragraphs comparing and contrasting Independence Day celebrations in the United States and Mexico.

PAGE 10: learners will complete a Venn Diagram with information from the aforementioned reading passage. Learners will then write 2-3 paragraphs explaining how they celebrate Independence Day.

PAGE 11: learners will read about the history and significance of a sarape.

PAGE 12: learners will decorate a graphic of a sarape.

PAGES 13-18: learners will complete a set of 20 task cards by answering questions about Mexico’s War for Independence.

PAGE 19: learners will complete a maze and dot-to-dot of Mexico.

PAGE 20: learners will make their own salsa and guacamole using the provided recipes.

PAGES 21-23: learners will use the Spanish/English flash cards with the crossword puzzle worksheets or as a matching game.


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