MEMORIAL DAY Learning Activities

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This is a great product to introduce the meaning of Memorial Day and get your learners involved in a variety of activities to observe this significant time in America’s history.


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Help your learners discover the meaning of Memorial Day and the reason it is observed in the United States. Designed for learners in grade 5 and grade 6, this product contains several cross-curricular learning activities. It is the perfect addition to your U.S. History or Social Studies curriculum. Your learners will be engaged with worksheets and activities in reading, writing, ELA, math, social studies, art, and STEM. They will focus on concepts such as the history of Memorial Day, poppies, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.Not only does this product contain worksheets and infographics, but you’ll also be provided with a set of PowerPoint slides that accompany the STEM activity. Most pages of this product are available in a color version, as well as a black and white version. While learners will provide answers unique to themselves, there is an answer key for those worksheets where specific answers are required. Below are details of what each page in this product contains.

PAGE 1: a reading passage about the history of Memorial Day.

PAGE 2: a reading comprehension worksheet to accompany the reading passage on page 1.

PAGE 3: an infographic on the history of how the poppy became a symbol of Memorial Day.

PAGE 4: two poems about poppies and their connection to Memorial Day.

PAGE 5: a grammar/comprehension worksheet to accompany the poppy poems.

PAGE 6: four unique poppy art/craft activities

PAGE 7: a scavenger hunt for learners to find and learn about service members who are connected to them in a unique way.

PAGE 8: an infographic explaining the significance of Memorial Day wreaths.

PAGE 9: a template for a Memorial Day wreath art activity.

PAGE 10: a crossword puzzle with words associated with Memorial Day.

PAGE 11: a math worksheet where learners solve math problems to find the answers to questions about U.S. service members.

PAGES 12-15: a STEM activity where learners will build a replica of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.


POWERPOINT: 10 slides with information about the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Links to educational websites about the tomb are also included.


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MEMORIAL DAY Learning Activities