Management of Financial Resources

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FACS: Management of Financial Resources


  • Evaluate the need for personal and family financial planning, including maintaining a budget, expense records, and economic self-sufficiency.
  • Compare types of loans available to consumers and distinguish criteria for becoming a low-risk borrower.
  • Connect mathematics to the understanding of interest, including avoiding and eliminating credit card debt.
  • Collect evidence and data related to implementing a savings program, the time value of money, and retirement planning.
  • Explore how to be a prudent investor in the stock market and other investment options. Investigate the benefits of charitable giving.
  • Compare types of banks, credit unions, and virtual banks available to consumer and the benefits of maintain financial accounts.
  • Demonstrate the ability to maintain financial records. Investigate bankruptcy laws, including ways to avoid bankruptcy.
  • Apply management principles to decisions about insurance for individuals and families.
  • Evaluate personal and legal documents related to managing individual and family finances such as birth certificates, medical records, social security cards, financial records, and property records.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use calculators, spreadsheets, computers, and software in data analysis relating to finance


Learning Activities Include:

  • Spending Plan PowerPoint and Notetaking Guide
  • Credit Card Vocabulary
  • Advantages and disadvantages of credit activity and discussion
  • Type of Depository Institutions PowerPoint and Notetaking Guide
  • Electronic Banking PowerPoint and Notetaking Guide with matching activity
  • Insurance PowerPoint and Notetaking Guide
  • Savings PowerPoint and Notetaking Guide
  • Time Value of Money and Notetaking Guide
  • Investing Poster with grading rubric
  • Language of the stock market activity
  • Bankruptcy articles
  • Benefits of Donating to charity
  • 6 weeks test (includes information from Management of Individual and Family Resources available in my TPT store)


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Management of Financial Resources