Liberty’s Kids Worksheets for ALL Episodes – Print and Digital Format

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Liberty’s Kids Video Guides for All Episodes. Perfect addition to your American History Unit Study, Constitution Day Lessons, or Independence Day Plans!


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These Liberty’s Kids Worksheets contain a two-page worksheet for each episode. All 40 episodes are included in this resource. These videos introduce the Revolutionary War, Declaration of Independence, 13 Colonies, the Constitution, Benjamin Franklin, and many other topics related to the founding of the United States.


These worksheets are printable, but a google slides version was also created quickly during 2020 to help teachers doing distance learning, and I have included that for free in this product.


The Boston Tea Party (Samuel Adams)

The Intolerable Acts (Phillis Wheatley)

United We Stand (First Continental Congress, Abigail Adams)

Liberty or Death (Patrick Henry)

Midnight Ride (Paul Revere)

The Shot Heard Round the World (Battles of Lexington and Concord, John Parker)

Green Mountain Boys (Fort Ticonderoga, Ethan Allen)

The Second Continental Congress (John Hancock)

Bunker Hill (Battle of Bunker Hill, Joseph Warren)

Postmaster General Franklin (John Adams)

Washington Takes Command (George Washington)

Common Sense (Thomas Paine)

The First Fourth of July (Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson)

New York, New York (New Jersey, Battle of Long Island, Lord Stirling)

The Turtle (Submarine, David Bushnell)

One Life to Lose (Nathan Hale)

Captain Molly (Margaret Corbin, Fort Washington)

American Crisis (Robert Bell)

Across the Delaware (Battle of Trenton, John Honeyman)

An American In Paris (France Forage War, Silas Deane, Alexander Hamilton)

Sybil Luddington (Battle of Ridgefield)

Lafayette Arrives (Marquis de Lafayette, Baron de Kalb, Battle of Brandywine)

The Hessians are Coming (Saratoga Campaign, Philip Schuyler)

Valley Forge (Conway Cabal, Baron von Steuben)

Allies at Last (Treaty of Alliance, Jonathan L. Austin, Moses Michael Hays)

Honor and Compromise (Articles of Confederation, Henry Laurens, Abraham Nimham)

The New Frontier (Cornstalk, Fort Wilson riot)

Not Yet Begun to Fight (Battle of Flamborough Head, John Paul Jones)

The Great Galvez (Bernardo de Galvez, Charles Fox)

In Praise of Ben (Benjamin Franklin)

Bostonians (Adams Family, Cherry Valley, Joseph Brant)

Benedict Arnold (spies, traitors, treason)

Conflict in the South (Nathanael Greene)

Deborah Samson: Soldier of the Revolution (Battle of Rhode Island, John Laurens)

James Armistead

Yorktown (Charles Cornwallis)

Born Free and Equal (Elizabeth Freeman)

The Man Who Wouldn’t Be King (Newburgh Conspiracy, Benjamin West)

Going Home (Shay’s Rebellion, Daniel Shays)

We the People (Constitutional Convention, James Madison)


Thank you for checking out my Liberty’s Kids Video Guides! This pack contains a two-page episode guide for all 40 episodes of the show Liberty’s Kids which previously aired on PBS and are available via Discovery Streaming, Youtube, and for purchase on Amazon. For each episode, students will give prior knowledge of the episode’s topic, answer 9 quick questions during the episode, one extended response question after the episode, and fill in a 3-2-1 chart showing new facts they’ve learned.


An answer key is provided for the first nine questions in each episode, but the answers to the final question will vary widely. By previewing the episode, you’ll know what kinds of responses will be acceptable!


*****This resource is included in the 2017 re-release of the DVD from Mill Creek Entertainment. Mill Creek Entertainment purchased this guide from me in order to include it in their “education edition” of the show. If you have questions or concerns about this, please contact me at runplayexplore@gmail.com*****


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Liberty’s Kids Worksheets for ALL Episodes – Print and Digital Format