Liberty Kids Episode 3 Companion Guide

By: TutoringVault

Are you in search of an engaging and informative resource to complement your American Revolution lesson plans? Look no further! Episode 3 of Liberty Kids delves into the aftermath of the Boston Tea Party and the Continental Congress, providing a captivating educational experience.


Our comprehensive packet serves as the perfect companion to this episode, offering a total of 11 thought-provoking questions. These include 10 questions presented in either short answer or multiple-choice formats, as well as one critical thinking question to stimulate in-depth analysis.


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With this activity, you will gain access to:

✔ A convenient PDF download, containing your purchase link.

✔ 3 pages of short-answer questions for assessment.

✔ 3 pages of multiple-choice questions for a varied approach to learning.

✔ 1 page dedicated to the critical thinking question, fostering deeper understanding.

✔ A complete set of answer keys for easy grading and assessment.


Elevate your American Revolution lesson plans with this educational yet enjoyable resource, and watch your students dive into the historical events with enthusiasm and comprehension.



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Liberty Kids Episode 3 Companion Guide