Letter Sound Cards | Dyslexia Inspired Flashcards | Letter flashcards

By: The Literary Leader

What better way to teach your little learner than with Letter Sound Cards.  Letter Sound Cards are perfect additional to any reading curriculum to teach or provide early reading intervention to those struggling readers!


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Letter Sound Cards are perfect for every young reader! Do you have a little learner that struggles with their letter sounds? Letter Sound Cards are a perfect activity to add to your daily reading lesson.

  • Cards are meant for assistance in learning letter name, letter sounds, and word blending.

  • Print, Cut, and Laminate if you wish.  Cards come in color and black and white.

  • Students should give the letter name /sound/ and the key word.

Key words are a great way to assistance students in remember the sound the letter makes.


The card letter a, student will say ‘a /a/ apple’



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The Literary Leader

HI and welcome to The Literary Leader!  We specialize in reading curriculum backed by the Science of Reading.  I, the owner and creator of TLL, am dyslexia certified, so all my reading curriculum is optimal curriculum for early readers or learners that have difficulties learning to read, because lets face it....It's a somewhat difficult task!

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Letter Sound Cards | Dyslexia Inspired Flashcards | Letter flashcards