Letter A Dot Painting

By: The Connett Connection

Make learning the letter A fun and engaging with these dot painting pages.  These pages allow children to build fine motor strength as well as have fun while learning a new letter or reviewing one they have already learned.


Alphabet Dot Painting Pages
Letter A Dot Painting


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Make learning the letter A fun by using cotton swabs or fingers to create these dot painting alphabet pictures. Your child can work those hand muscles and build their fine motor skills while practicing letter recognition and beginning sounds with these low mess alphabet dot marker pages!

What is included:

  • 1 apple dotting page
  • 1 acorn dotting page
  • 1 ax dotting page
  • 1 capital letter dotting page
  • 1 lowercase letter dotting page
  • 1 capital and lowercase letter dotting page
  • 2 create your own letter dotting page

Materials Needed:

  • One of the dot painting pages
  • Different colored paint (any kind of paint will work)
  • Cotton Swabs

An alternative way to complete these pages is to use colored glue to dot each circle.  This will assist children in learning how much glue to use and will create a unique art activity.

Your kids have an opportunity to get creative while completing these dot painting pages. They can choose their colors, patterns and designs they wish to use to complete their painting. This will make each picture unique and perfect for hanging on the refrigerator or art wall. These alphabet pages work great as an art center choice center for students to choose the letter A picture they most wish to complete.

Skills Worked On:

  • Letter Recognition
  • Beginning Sounds
  • Fine Motor Skills

The dot painting pages by themselves are no prep, print and go. All you need to add different color paint and cotton swabs for your kids to complete each dot painting page. The activity is easy to set up and provides a low mess way to complete the art activity.


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