IG Word Family Worksheets

By: Big Bag of Everything

Get in on the muddy mess with the IG word family worksheets “The Pig”

*Note* The decodable reader is meant to be printed double sided and folded to make 4 “pages”.


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IG Word Family Worksheets


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Don’t miss out on the messy fun with the new story “The Pig”. Your child will enjoy reading with these IG word family worksheets and decodable reader.

Once your child has mastered their letter sounds it’s time to move on to CVC words. A CVC word is a word that follows a consonant, vowel, consonant word pattern. Once your child understands what sounds the letters make, they can start to sound out CVC words. Words such as mat, cat, pat, bat are all cvc words in the -at word family. Words such as dig, pig, big, wig are all CVC words in the -ig word family. This is what your child will be practicing in the IG Word Family Worksheets.

What is Included in the IG Word Family Worksheets?

  • 5 worksheets to practice CVC word building and the short i sound
  • 1 decodable reader “The Pig”

When I was teaching my boys to read I wanted to expose them to CVC word stories with few sight words. I was stunned at how hard this was to find. I searched the library and internet, and found too many sight words in the stories, these were discouraging to my young reader. Necessity is the mother of invention so I created these and other stories to help young readers. I do not want you to be left in the dark as I was.

When teaching reading, sight words should not be a focus in the beginning. Sight words do not follow the rules like CVC words do, and this often leads to frustration when introducing sight words too soon. Keep the focus simple, and your child will be reading in no time!

I hope you enjoy these IG word family worksheets as much as I enjoyed creating them.

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