Homestead Financial Math Activity

By: LB Home Education

Your kids will love this Hometead Financial Math Activity! They will budget for Seeds, buy Livestock and shop at the Farmer’s Market all while practicing basic mathematical skills.


Homestead Financial Math Activity
Homestead Financial Math Activity


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Homestead Financial Math Activity
-Supplemental Lesson
-Extra Practice
WHAT’S INSIDETHIS Homestead Financial Math Activity:
-Cover page
-Meet Ms. Honeysuckle Intoduction
-Seed Budget Chart
-Seed Budget Questions
-Buying Livestock worksheet
-Farmer’s Market Menu
-Farmer’s Market (Adding Totals) worksheet
-Farmer’s Market (Adding Tax) worksheet
-Farmer’s Market (Transaction Fees) worksheet
-Farmer’s Market (Making Change) worksheet
-Bills Are Due worksheet
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