Halloween Around the World DIGITAL 360 Escape Room

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The Halloween Around the World DIGITAL Escape ROOM gives students a chance to decode puzzles and read passages, all while actively learning! This interactive reading passage and puzzle activity covers the following topics: Halloween traditions in Cambodia, China, Romania, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, and Mexico. Students will practice reading comprehension and critical thinking skills as they search for icons in a 360° room. No prior knowledge is needed.
The whole activity is housed with ONE link, making this a cinch to share and play! No other websites are used or linked. This is an engaging NO PREP activity with a unique twist of FUN! Just share the link…it’s that EASY! Did I mention that it is SELF-CHECKING?
It is your responsibility to ensure the link will work prior to your purchase. Test the link below to see if your district blocks the site on a student account. If you get a 404 error that means your district has blocked the site. You can always email your district technology rep to gain access.
Students will work in pairs (or individually) and race to complete 6 puzzles. A friendly competition always increases engagement. Students will use reading comprehension skills to complete the 6 short passages, 12 questions, and 6 puzzles.
No grading involved! This is a SELF-CHECKING digital activity that offers immediate student feedback. The questions are set with “answer validation,” therefore, students cannot move on to the next challenge until they enter the answers correctly. This ensures that students actually read the passages! Students WILL need scratch paper to record clues.
How do Digital Escape Rooms work? All you need to do is send students the link! This digital escape room has students working through SIX rooms with a 360° view. Each “room” has hidden icons that lead to a reading passage, puzzle hint, and puzzle to decode. Students will answer questions for each reading passage, then use the decoder to determine the puzzle answer. Drag the mouse or keypad to move the screen for a 360° view! Please note: You will not be able to collect scores or data since this is a self-checking, digital activity.
What do I need to access the activity? You need access to the internet and technology devices (Chromebooks, iPads, or laptops). Google accounts are NOT needed! (no e-mail addresses are required) This is a DIGITAL activity only and it is NOT editable. There is also a “Read to Me” option which allows the students to hear the passage read to them. If they choose this option, be sure they have headphones. Cell phone use is not recommended.
What’s Included?
✅ 6 Short reading passages
✅ 6 Puzzles
✅ 12 Questions (multiple choice & short answer)
✅ Teacher directions
✅ Student directions (digital)
✅ Puzzle Hints (digital)
✏️ Self-grading
✏️ Immediate Student Feedback
✏️ Interactive
✏️ Paperless
✏️ No Prep
✏️ Saves You Time
✏️ Critical Thinking
What’s needed?
✏️ Scratch Paper
✏️ Pencils
✏️ Internet
Skills Used:
✔️ Reading Comprehension
✔️ Critical Thinking
✔️ Peer Collaboration
✔️ Problem Solving


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Halloween Around the World DIGITAL 360 Escape Room